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Catch a Prankster[D Mission]


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Catch a Prankster[D Mission] Empty Catch a Prankster[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:17 pm

Name: Catch a Prankster
Rank: D
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 250 Ry0
Description: Recently there have been a few pranks pulled on the owners of local businesses, they are harmless pranks but the owners of the businesses are getting annoyed and have hired you to put an end to it, you must catch the prankster before he can strike again
Redoable?: Yes

She had done several missions over the last few days: somebody was working her to the bone. She mumbled under her breathe. Something about Chouki and Inoyasha. Still, this one hardly seemed like it would be hard, mostly just the fact that she had to do something for others. Expectations were a bothersome thing. This prankster had been performing harmless but annoying pranks on the local businesses and they were tired of it. After an hour of walking around and talking to the businesses, she had gotten a good idea of the youngster's identity. The son of a small business owner: Shikamao could only guess that he was pranking the other businesses in order to help his father. Whether his father knew or not, was not Shikamao's concern, nor did she care. Her mission was to stop him from the annoying pranks.

Going by the recent string of pranks, the boy was getting even more bold. At first he had chosen easy targets- less occupied places with many areas he could hide in. After getting a feel for it though, he had upped his game and chose some of the more challenging businesses. Going by the amount of places hit and not hit- it turned out that there was only one more place left on the street to prank. Assuming the boy was a stickler and trying to make a point: there was only two outcomes to the building before her. A) This was his father's business, or B) this was the final place on this street he would prank before moving on to another street. In either case, Shikamao knew that she would find him here.

For the Nara heiress, there was no need to be sneaky or subtle. This business was a hotel and as such, had lots of traffic. Shikamao walked around casually for a few minutes, inspected the foyer and overheard conversations of attendants working there. True to her assumptions, this was the boy's fathers' business. She walked up to one of the workers and asked to see the owner of the establishment. They dismissed her and she sat in the foyer for an hour before the owner finally showed up. A middle-aged man who was well dressed. His business was doing well obviously. Further behind him, Shikamao noticed a smaller boy following his father. The man greeted her and asked what business she had with him. She ignored the man's small talk and pointed behind him at his son. "Eye witnesses place your son as the culprit of many pranks on this street. I'll assume he did it without your knowing and with the good intentions of helping his father. Regardless, as his father- it is your oblation to take him to the proper authorities and make amends for his schemes. Otherwise I'll personally see to it." She said, sounded very serious for once in her life. The father sweated a few bullets and motioned for his son to come closer. Together, the father and the son walked out of the hotel and towards the village center. Secretly, Shikamao would follow them to make sure they went to report the son's misdeeds.

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