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Hold My Beer [D Rank Mission]

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Hold My Beer [D Rank Mission] Empty Hold My Beer [D Rank Mission]

Post by Zap Fosho on Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:00 pm

Karite was walking down the street as she passed in front of a bar. She was dressed in her shinobi gear, having just finished a quick mission. Her cloak was open with the hood down. A random drunk guy ran out to her with a nearly full beer. ”Hey girl! Hold my beer! I’ll pay you!” The drunk said as he held the beer out to her. Karite took the beer out of surprise. She looked over it as he ran off to who knows where. She sighed as she poured the drink out into the nearest bush. She was upset that the drunkard would even try to give her the beer to hold. She went away from the bush as she could see him running back to her. She just stared off into the distance as he got close to her. ”I’m back. I got my cards. Do you have my drink? She handed him the glass as he handed over the payment. ”I thought I had more beer than this. Oh well. I’ll go get another. Thank you girl. Have a good day.” She sighed as she continued to walk down the street. She was hoping not to run into any more drunks.

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