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 Catch a Pickpocket[D Mission] Empty Catch a Pickpocket[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:54 pm

Name: Catch a Pickpocket
Rank: D
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Genin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 450 ryo
Description: There has been an increasing number of pockets picked in the village, it's your job to capture this pickpocket and put an end to their crimewave
Redoable?: Yes

She wasn't sure what it was as of late, but lately- she had gotten stuck doing more work than she normally complained about. As such, she had a lot more complaints too. Namely to this pickpocket, whomever they were. They had picked a few too many pockets... and likely the pockets of the wrong people. Someone finally put in a request for the village to handle the thief. Unfortunately for them, the village had sent one of the laziest shinobi at their disposal to take care of the matter. Tired from her nap being disturbed by work... and actually having to do a mission by herself- had Shikamao in a foul mood. She muttered under her breathe as she performed the Ram symbol. Her body was engulfed in a poof of smoke and then she re-emerged as an older looking gentleman. Loosely wrapped in a luxuirous-looking robe, she imitated being drunk. Her goal was to pretend to be an easy target- a drunk middle-aged man who's guard was obviously gone due to the alcohol. In the pocket of her robe, she had an old wallet- the bait for this pickpocket. The wallet hung slightly from the edge of her pocket, just enough for a keen eye to see, someone intentionally looking for a quick coin.

She seemed like an easy target, yet she had a plan. The most notable place where the pockets had been picked, was in the busiest section of the market district. After all, it would be a real pain to try and rob someone when there was only a few people to distract the victim. A crowded street was ideal, but is was also the plan Shikamao had devised. . In truth, she was hardly an easy target- for she had tied a rope to the wallet.

Shikamao walked through the busy market street. People were selling different things here and there at vendor stalls. There was a lot of voices and even more movement: for someone trying to find a pickpocket, it was nearly impossible to spot one. Yet even as Shikamao was casually looking around, she felt the slight tug on her pocket. Quickly, she looked to her left to see a small boy darting away with the old wallet from her pocket. With the wallet tied to her, she gave it a quick tug. The boy who had been so focused on grasping the wallet and getting away, lost his balance and tumbled to the ground. Before he could even stand up, Shikamao was above him with a foot on his chest. She released the transformation technique and looked down at the little boy with only one eye open as she yawned. "For someone causing so much trouble, you're hardly worth the effort. Now, be a good boy and let's go find your parents or else I'll be beating you up and taking your lunch money for the next month." She was just trying to intimidate him. It was really too much work beating up a child and taking his money so many days in a row.

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