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Take Out the Trash[D Mission] Empty Take Out the Trash[D Mission]

Post by Rei on Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:25 pm

Name: Take Out the Trash
Rank: D
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Any
Reward: 400 ryo
Description: A local shopkeeper has had his stores overflowing with garbage due to not having enough hands on deck to throw it out and has asked you to deal with the mess while he runs his store. Your job is to quickly and quietly get rid of the incredible mess without alerting the shopkeeper's patrons of it, as the shopkeeper is terrified of gaining a bad rep as a slob due to it.
Redoable?: Yes

Shikamao stared in disbelief at the amount of trash that cluttered the back room. From where it originated, was a smelly pile of trash that was overflowing from a medium sized trashcan. To the store's credit, they had done their best to put everything in the trashcan... It was just, there was too much trash. For whatever reason, the store was short on staff and was so busy that they hadn't had the time to properly deal with the trash from their customers. "He did say there was a lot... but I didn't expect THIS much." she said out loud to herself. Initially, this had seemed like a very easy mission: which was exactly why Shikamao had taken up the task. She figured it would be a quick bag or two of trash and walk it down the street to a local garbage can.

How strange life could be, especially when the assumed easy things turned out to be daunting tasks. She sighed in exasperation. "Well, I already accepted the mission and talked to the manager. There's no point in going back on my word now. That would just look bad on my clan and our family clans." She meant the Akimichi and Yamanaka, the family clans that were part of the InoShikoCho alliance. Unlike most people who thought only of themselves, members of these three clans were always looking out for each other and making sure they didn't disgrace the clans' names. With a huff, Shikamao put on a pair of yellow rubber gloves and pulled out some black trash bags and quickly began to use her main arm to sweep the trash from off the floor into the garbage bag which she held with her other arm. The smell was terrible: she noted a mixture of rotting fruits and curdled dairy. It was a repulsive smell and she fought the urge to puke- because puking was just as bad as this trash.

She worked quickly and quietly, doing her best to not alert the customers in the next room. Every so often, a worker came in and dumped more trash into her bags. By the time she had all the trash bagged up, there was easily six bags of garbage stacked just outside the back entrance. Shikamao grabbed the mop and mopped the floor down to sanitize it and then lit a smelly candle to neutralize the bad smells. With that done, she hoisted up two bags at a time and walked them one hundred meters or so down the street and dumped them into the local garbage dumpsters. After all the bags were gone, she reverse-rolled her yellow gloves off her hands and dumped them into the trash as well. "Well.. That's done. Time to go wash my hands. Thoroughly."

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