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Senju Clan

Name: Senju Clan
Founder: Unknown
Location: Kazan

History: The Senju clan descended from the younger of the two sons of the Sage of the Six Paths who was born with the "body" of the Sage, inheriting his father's life force, physical energy, and believed that love was the key to bringing peace to the world. The Sage grew to favour the ideals of his younger son over those of his older son, who believed that power alone was the true key to finding peace. Therefore, on his deathbed it was the younger of the two brothers that the Sage chose to name as his successor. The elder brother, bitter and hateful at having being denied what he felt was rightfully his to inherit, attacked his younger sibling. The Uchiha clan would descend from the elder brother, resulting in the bitter centuries-long rivalry between the Senju and the Uchiha. While undisputed, the Senju's legendary rivalry with Uchiha clan was taken advantage of by countries that hire their services.
The Senju clan gained their fame in the era before the founding of the hidden villages. Where other clans focused on mastering one particular set of skills, the Senju were prodigious in all skills, from ninjutsu, to taijutsu, and genjutsu. Because of this, they were known as "the clan with a thousand skills" (「千の手を持つ一族」, "sen no te o motsu ichizoku"), which gave them their name "Senju" (千手; Literally meaning ""a thousand skills", "a thousand hands"").

Special Info: N/A

Requirements: May start with Mokuton, but members must learn both Water & Earth as their other elements later.

Current Members:

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:
Wood Release



Clan Special Characteristics: Clan Special Characteristic:
Name:  Jack of All Trades
Rank: S Ranked
Requirements: Must Be Senju Clan (can Start with this SC)
Type: All
Description: The Senju Clan are known as the Jack of all trades which means they tend to be talented in most of anything they do. The Senju, like everyone, can train for all Specialties, but Senju are talented in many trades. At level 50+, they count as having 1 skill point in  all unlearned skills they have not put any points into. At level 100+, they count as having 2 skill points in all unlearned skills they have not put points into.

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Senju Clan
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