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 Body Replacement Technique[E]

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Body Replacement Technique[E] CHDzEwl

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PostSubject: Body Replacement Technique[E]   Body Replacement Technique[E] Icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2018 6:04 am

Name: Body Replacement Technique
Rank: E
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost: 10CP
Handsigns: Tiger
Duration: 1 Post
Range: 5Meters
Speed: Description: With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. Despite it being a basic ninjutsu taught at the Academy, it is seen as a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations as it allows for a swift getaway from danger. The technique even allows a restrained shinobi to escape capture.
Effects: Substitutes the shinobi's body with a nearby object(Typically a log)
Requirements: N/A
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Body Replacement Technique[E]
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