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 Earth Grudge Fear[Limited]

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PostSubject: Earth Grudge Fear[Limited]   Earth Grudge Fear[Limited] Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2018 2:28 pm

Name: Earth Grudge Fear[Limited]
Rank: X
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost:
Description: The Earth Grudge Fear is a secret kinjutsu which transforms the user's body into something similar to that of a rag-doll, held together by hundreds of thick black threads. With this new body, the user may manipulate the threads in various ways. The user may sew up nearly any injury, even reattaching nerves and muscle of themselves or others. The user can detach their limbs(still connected by thread) and manipulate them, even going underground and then reattaching them after resurfacing. The most notable features of this technique is that it grants the user a form of immortality- that is, their threads are capable of stealing organs from others and attaching them to the user to replace any damage they may have suffered, thus extending the user's' own life indefinitely. Most notably the user may steal up to 4 hearts from other shinobi and store them on their back in the form of masks. or he can place a heart in his limbs, having them move independently. Not only does this mean that the user may obtain one basic element & all jutsu of that element from the heart stolen, but the user cannot die unless every one of their hearts are destroyed.

The extra hearts in the user's body are formed into various animal masks, sewn on the back and granting the user vast amounts of chakra. Each heart can be detached from the user and the hearts will create an entire body made of threads. These masked creatures are capable of attacking individually and may one ninjutsu of the element their heart possesses. Additionally the masked creatures may fuse together in pairs of two to increase their chakra attacks, Any and all jutsu must be registered and approved before use, including the mask creatures.
Effects: In death-enabled threads, the user may steal an opponent's heart and gain 1 basic element and all jutsu associated with that element from the user. Each heart possessed, grants the user 20% of the target;s chakra stat.
Requirements: X Ninjutsu
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Earth Grudge Fear[Limited]
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