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Name: Edo Tensei
Rank: X
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost: 300CP(Per summon)
Handsigns: Tiger, Snake, Dog, Dragon, Boar, Rabbit, Ram, Clap hands
Duration: 5 posts
Description: The Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation binds the soul of a deceased person to a living vessel, restoring them as they were when they were alive in order to do their summoner's bidding. Before this technique can be performed, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to reincarnate. This basically amounts to grave-robbing, although blood stains or organs salvaged after the target's death also work. The soul of the intended reincarnated must also reside in the Pure Land; souls trapped in the stomach of the Shinigami, for example, cannot be reincarnated so long as they reside there. A living sacrifice is also required for the reincarnated soul to use as a vessel. To actually perform the Impure World Reincarnation, the DNA of the person to be reincarnated is smeared on a special scroll. Once the scroll is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the center. Then dust and ash encase the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the reincarnated had at the time of their death; the process is apparently painful for the sacrifice. The sacrifice's chakra signature is completely overridden with the chakra of the one being reincarnated. Although the sacrifice is still technically alive so long as the technique is active, their body will never again be theirs and the body will die when the reincarnated soul is released. In order to actually be able to control their actions, the user must implant a special talisman - generally attached to the end of a kunai - within the reincarnation's brain. The talisman's design determines how strong the control is. The stages can be remotely switched by the summoner at any time.
When first summoned, the body will appear grey and in a state of minor decay: marred by cracks and other imperfections. If the summoner chooses to, they can rejuvenate the reincarnation while planting their control talisman, restoring their complexion and reducing some of the imperfections; this is merely aesthetic and the signs of decay do not inhibit their abilities. An unavoidable characteristic of a reincarnated body is the darkened sclerae, with a soul that retains its personality having grey sclerae and a soul with a suppressed personality having black sclerae.
A reincarnated individual will have all the abilities they had during their life, including kekkei genkai and kekkei tōta. They are physically restored as they were at the time of their death, including any physical handicaps they may have possessed. Exceptions exist: illnesses they had will not be preserved, nor will any physical damage that contributed to their death. Summons with additional implanted DNA will not retain that DNA & the summoner as procure it themselves. Clothing is reproduced according to what they wore when they died, although it is merely a superficial aspect of their reincarnated body; armor offers no actual protection, being of the same ashen material as the rest of their body.
One of the major benefits of the Impure World Reincarnation is that it grants immortal bodies to those who are reincarnated. Any damage they receive will regenerate in time and, assuming the damage is not too debilitating, they can continue attacking even before their body recovers. Reincarnated bodies do not bleed, except in those cases where blood is needed to perform the Summoning Technique.
A second benefit is the limitless refilling of their diminished chakra reserves that the reincarnated individuals have access to; they can fight eternally and perform ordinarily physically demanding or chakra-intensive jutsu without issue, knowing their current reserves will infinitely refill. They are still subject to certain inherent demands of the jutsu itself, such as their chakra pool may deplete after performing jutsu and they cannot exceed jutsu passed their chakra pool. Rinnegan summons may not use certain Paths however: this include the Naraka Path and Outer Path.
The reincarnated body can be further enhanced. The summoner may add any DNA the corpse previously had alive, or even Bijuu if they were a Jinchuriki. The summoner may not however, add things the reincarnated body did not possess before death.
Effects: The user may summon and control up to 4 PC corpses at any given time. Chakra from Edo Tensei are taken from their respective chakra pool and not the owners. Edo Tensei regenerate their chakra fully every 2 posts. Any Limited Edo Tensei know, will not count towards their summoner's Limiteds, but their summoner may not learn any other Limiteds.
Requirements: X Ninjutsu, PC corpses
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Edo Tensei[Limited]
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