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Name: Curse Mark[Limited]
Rank: SS
Specialty: Fuinjutsu
Resource Cost: 200CP
Handsigns: Horse, Ox, Dragon, Bird, Monkey, Rabbit, Horse, Tiger
Duration: 5 posts
Description: A Fuinjutsu seal specifically targeting living beings: the seal has many alternative forms and the user chooses which variation to use when applying the cursed seal. Once the seal has been applied to a target, if they survive the initial stage- their body changes slightly to allow small amounts of Senjutsu chakra. This senjutsu chakra mixed with the activation of stage 1 & 2, changes the user's body depending on the type of seal. When they first receive the cursed seal, recipients cannot control their access to it, and as such they draw on its power unwillingly. Until they become accustomed to it, use of the cursed seal will cause them intense physical pain, though they may be able to briefly ignore this. While active, the cursed seal feeds off their chakra and stored senjutsu chakra. This increasing their chakra levels and makes their jutsu stronger. Resources of jutsu during Cursed Seals are 50%Chakra & 50% Senjutsu Chakra. The seal itself contains the original owner's chakra, granting the one who gave them the seal- a form of immortality, in that  their consciousness is slumbering inside the cursed target. A specific technique may draw out the user's chakra and resurrect them only if they have previously died.

Recipients initially only have access to the cursed seal's first level (状態1, Jōtai Ichi, Literally meaning: State 1). When active, the seal's design spreads across their body from its point of application, glowing and replicating as its coverage grows. The degree to which this occurs is up to the user, and the degree to which it spreads is proportionate to the overall effect it has. This stage is the stage which increases their chakra and chakra potency. In order to advance their cursed seal stage, the user must experience a near-death experience and overcome.

The second level (状態2, Jōtai Ni, Literally meaning: State 2) of the cursed seal causes the user's body to physically transform. Called a "Cursed Seal Transformation" (呪印化, Juinka), it is similar in appearance to Jūgo's transformations: they gain yellow irises and black sclerae, altered skin color, and longer hair. When in this state, the seal eats away at the mind and personality of its user, driving them to madness if used for too long. It also takes quite a toll on their body since they are being mutated by the seal.

Cursed Seal of Heaven:
Cursed Seal of Earth:
Cursed Seal of Animals:

Effects: Grants a Senjutsu pool of 1,000. Boosts chakra stat by 25%. Jutsu are 50%CP & 50%SP. Falling to 5% or less SP forces the user to fall unconscious. Form & stat boost varies by curse seal.
Requirements: SS Fuinjutsu
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Curse Mark[Limited]
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