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 Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin]

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.ShinShuu Kaguya

Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] CHDzEwl
.ShinShuu Kaguya

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Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] Empty
PostSubject: Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin]   Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2018 5:44 am


Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] Rikki.600.305967

Name: ShinShuu Nate River Kaguya
Nickname(s): Baby Thunder
Alias(es): Prince of Kaguya
Title: Prince of the Kaguya

Age: 18
Gender: [♂]
Sexuality: Pansexual
Alignment: Neutral
Occupation: Sells Flowers


Height: 160
Weight: 5 foot 11
Body Type: Slender
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color & Style: White and short spiked.
Jewelry: Black earring and Black bracelet
Markings: Two Red dots on forehead(A sign of being apart of the Kaguya Clan)

Anything Else: Darker complexion

Appearance: ShinShuu has a darker complexion than most ninja, He has the initial white hair of his clan and slender body. His body has a slight muscle tone due to training to become a ninja. He has dreamy Light green eyes and tends to wear a Red unbuttoned Jacket with a hood. He has approximately six piercings, three in each ear. A medium sized Black earring and two looped earrings that sit a bit higher from the first one. He also wears a black bead bracelet that had been given to him by his father. He wears black pants which are a bit loose to allow for better movement. The end of his pants leg stops right before his ankle.


Motto: "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

Personality: ShinShuu's attitude to people is cruel and distasteful, and sometimes Sarcastic. People make it seem as if Shinshuu acts like he is better than anyone else but really he doesn't want to be connected to anyone else due to his life being a small wreak. ShinShuu was not far from being mentally insane from the things he saw as a kid. By cutting off his emotions to the world and keeping a serious face. He has a great sense of humor which can sometimes be taken as being a smarty-pants. He is free like the wind and doesn't really take orders from someone unless he respects them which would take a great shinobi in order to do. Even though he is a cool-headed guy he can be as cold as a sadistic as a serial killer when it comes to it and makes serious jokes about killing people when they get on his nerves. Shinshuu is quite an arrogant, loud battle-hungry person. He can be quite impatient if he knows that there is fighting involved. Most of his free time, Shinshuu trains just so that he can become an even stronger person than he already is. He personally does not mind having to do work though. It just seems like another opportunity for him to fight someone and show them his power. Despite those brutal actions that are performed by him, his most distinctive traits are:

Although the other sins don't govern over the body of Shinshuu as much as Pride and Wrath, They do have a great influence when it comes down to the lust for Men and their sexual organs(Lust), His want for More power and the world all to himself(Envy and Greed), And his large appetite and his long resting periods(Gluttony and Sloth). But out of those 6 Wrath beat all, His want for the world to be obliterated in a fight to the death between citizens, Students, Genin, Chuunin, Anbu and the rest of the ninja ranks and the world out there. Though when it comes down to him and his ways, Near doesn't allow for his enemy to get a quick death they always wanted. His pride and his wrath mix, Causing him to pause during each severing of a limb and Talk about his power and just why he calls himself the thunder god. Laughing during each second, much like a sadist.

*Cute Boys
*Smart Girls
*The Kage
*Boring People
*Spicy Food
*people with big egos
*The heat

Skills: Gardening
Hobbies: Loves to pick flowers.

Name:  Dead Bone Pulse
Rank: B-S
Requirements: Born to the Kaguya clan
Type: Physical/Spiritual
Description: The members of the Kaguya clan are given the ability to manipulate their bones and expel them from their bodies. Because of this, they are able to heal from the holes left behind when a bone is expelled from their body. The Kaguya are given a +10%/20%/30% Durability to the stat.

[2]Name: Increased Movement Speed
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Description: The user moves so quickly they appear to be a blur to the untrained eye. They are able to move with speed most ninja can only dream of attaining. The user gains 10% speed


Rank: Chuunin
Elements: Wind, Lightning
Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Clan: Kaguya
Special Type: N/A

Stats: ng stats for each rank are as follows:

C-Rank: 140 points (SC Boost)

Strength: 30
Speed: 30(3) = 33
Durability: 40 (4)= 44
Chakra: 40


Village: Sky Village
Parents: Shinigai Kaguya [Ex-kage of the sky] anemone
Siblings: Open
Spouse: N/A
Other Important People: N/A
History: Birth: Seventeen years before the start of this wonderful story a young boy was born to shuujo River and her Sperm donor Shinigai Kaguya. The two had not been a couple they had simply agreed to mate to create a child who held both of their DNA. Gaining their intellect and battle power. After multiple hours of labor, the child had seen the light of the world. He was born. Given the name Shinshuu and carrying the River and Kaguya name with him as he cried upon his arrival.

PreAcademy: years after his birth he began to walk and talk. Learning how to read from his mother and learning how to fight from his father. The boy would hit the age of 7 before he would start training with weaponry. His mother would become worried as she had different feelings for the young boy after his birth. No longer did she want him to be a mindless fighting machine she wanted the boy to live a life. During his nights away from his father, she began to tell him stories that would brighten his world and cause his smile to grow. Unlike the other shinobi, he had a darker tone and he knew that from the start. His mother had this same tone and would teach the young boy that his tone and power were to be feared for they could one day change the world for the good.

Academy: After he hit the age of 10 his father and mother collectively decided to enter the boy into the ninja academy. Both his mother and himself had moved into the large Kaguya mansion at this time. She was far from being a noble Kaguya but being the mother of the Prince of Kaguya she was shown a type of respect. The boy began to show early signs of cockiness and was not very amused by most of the villagers. Although at an early age he found himself intrigued by the same sex and sometimes the opposite. Two days before he would graduate from the academy the young boy would begin to hear rumors about his parents. They were missing. Off on their mission, they promised to return for his graduation. Shrugging the other words off as hearsay he waited for his parents on that day only to be disappointed by their absence.

Genin: ShinShuu spent most of his time as a Genin in mourning. He had passed his exams and achieved the rank of a lower ninja, but he only had himself to show for it. The darkness of loneliness would begin to consume him and his teammates would suffer the most from this. A separate entity would reach out to him at the age of 16. This being was known as Pride. Shinshuu allowed this being to take over his body multiple times during missions with his team. His friends were worried about his mental state, but their teacher saw it as a child wanting attention. Two years would pass and the crew would agree to take the chuunin exams on Heiwa Island. The Largest Chuunin exams that occurred once a year and invited all villages to participate. Passing with flying colors his team would be considered chuunin level until their lives would perish two days after their win. The day Shinshuu met a man with long white hair. Traveling without their jounin squad leader. On that day Shinshuu experienced fear and hate. He began to hate himself and his clan. He could only watch in terror as a man from the Kaguya clan slaughtered his friends. Upon their death, he lost his sight of the world and his demons rose from inside. It would take their leader only a few hours to find the dead bodies of his comrades and Shinshuu lying on the ground, his blood leaking on the ground and his eyes dull. After a long time in the hospital and returning to the village with his jounin leader, he would be given his Chuunin status. His jounin leader would resign and Shinshuu would be put on to a new team.  

lyrics belong to nickelback - this means war.template created by yuuki kurama of naruto crisis 2.0, updated & improved by mordredeon of naruto crisis 4.0



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.ShinShuu Kaguya

Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] CHDzEwl
.ShinShuu Kaguya

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Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin] Empty
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Approved. Good job, and welcome back to Crisis!
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Prince Kaguya/Shinshuu Kaguya [Sukaigakure Chuunin]
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