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PostSubject: Akumu Clan   Akumu Clan Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2018 11:44 pm


Name: Akumu
Founder: Asura Akumu
Location: Joki

History: Asura Akumu founded the clan many years ago believing that death was not something to be feared, but respected. She designed many of the traditional burial rites that the Akumu clan use today in honoring the dead. She is known for her profound impact in the region of Joki. Many clans respected her in the days all clans warred and found. The Akumu Clan never had true enemies and were known for having no true allies. They found allies in all clans, strengthening themselves to be used to protect the innocent from bandits. As the clans began to settle, the Akumu clan lent its strength to Joki. They have continued the tradition of the burial rites since that day.
Kaname Akumu was known as a lazy alcoholic who would spend most of his time yelling at his wife. He was also the head of the Akumu Clan. The clan wished for him to be removed as the head but were unsure how to proceed. During this time, he had two daughters with his wife. He was supposedly abusive with his wife, though no one was able to prove it. Two years after his daughter Karite was born, he made a special dinner for his wife. After eating that dinner, Aiko supposedly had a heart attack. He had poisoned her, though no one could ever prove it.
Three years later, the clan got fed up with Kaname and his bull. As he left for a mission, the clan sent two assassins to follow him out. As he reached the furthest point from the village that the mission would take him, the two assassins killed him and disposed of the evidence. The two assassins came back to the village and reported to the clan what had happened. Because his daughters were still young and were showing good qualities, the clan decided to name that Hitomi would be the new head of the clan, once she became of age. The clan would treat the girls with respect and ensure they would be good leaders for the clan.

Special Info: You must be born into this clan and you must have the dark release symbol on the palm of your hand.

Requirements: Open.

Current Members:
Karite Akumu
Hitomi Akumu (Head)

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Dark Release
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu
Rank: E - S

Description: Dark Release

Jutsu: If there are specific jutsus that utilize this bloodline (or are secret techniques for this clan) please post them here using the Jutsu Template.

Clan Special Characteristics:
Name: Chakra Battery
Rank: S
Type: Spiritual
Requirements: Akumu Clan
Description: The Akumu Clan is able to absorb the chakra of their enemies so that they may use it later when the time presents itself. They are able to store up to 50% of their chakra stat. For example if the user has a chakra stat of 30, he can store up to 150 chakra from external sources. This does not count towards their chakra and is accounted for separately.

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Akumu Clan
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