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 Shizuna Aburame

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Shizuna Aburame

Shizuna Aburame CHDzEwl
Shizuna Aburame

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PostSubject: Shizuna Aburame   Shizuna Aburame Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2018 11:01 pm

Shizuna Aburame Assassin.%28Yu.Miaoyi%29.600.2446123

Shizuna Aburame 1L3uLLv
• Name:  Shizuna Aburame
• Nickname / Alias: N/A
• Title: N/A
• Age: 16
• Gender:
• Sexuality: Homosexual

Shizuna Aburame APRJNkR

Shizuna Aburame 9sqtiQu
• Height: 5'0"
• Weight: 97 lbs
• Body type: Slender
• Eye colour: Brown
• Hair colour & style:Dark Brown
• General Appearance: Shizuna is slinder with pale skin. She carries dark shaded glasses like every Aburame, and is normally seen with her body fully covered. Parts of her body are filled with large pours that allow her insects to leave and enter her body.
• Markings: N/A

Shizuna Aburame 8Dm3aDD
• Persona: Shizuna is a very calm and quiet individual. She prefers not to let situations get to her, but to keep a level head and perform every task with calculated precision. She thinks before she acts, planning moves with the tact of a professional strategist. She believes in the Aburame creed of never looking down on an enemy. To Shizuna, everyone, even the littlest insect, is a threat to her and deserves her relentless strength.

Along with being calm, Shizuna is very quiet. She does not prefer to talk, and when she does her words are nearly silent. Of course, this is her Aburame side showing, as most of her family are solemn individuals who act more than speak. Shizuna dislikes loud people but can come to see the purpose of their existence. While quiet places are her preferred location, she doesn't mind listening to humans speaking to each other every now and then.

Shizuna doesn't like to fight. However, when she does, she gives it her all. Mainly, though, she likes peace anf tranquility. If someone were to look for her, they would spot her somewhere in a quiet space, reading several different types of books. Her favorite books are those that provide factual information about insects.

While Shizuna may seem tough to get along with, she does value friendship above many things. She will do anything for those that are close to her, even destroying the world itself with her insects. Shizuna is rarely angry, but if someone does insult her friends, they may find themselves on the wrong side of a horde of bugs.

• Motto: "Even a tiny insect can present the greatest threat."

• Likes:
- Her Friends
- Insects
- Quiet Spaces
- Reading
- Sweet Food

• Dislikes:
- Fighting
- Killing Insects
- Losing
- Rude People
- Spicy Food

Shizuna Aburame Oj3QcJ4

Shizuna Aburame IWaryzM
• Special Characteristics:


• Rank: Genin

• Clan: Aburame Clan - Bug People
• Bijuu: No

Genin Level/ Level 1: 14 Stats points to distribute
• Strength: 3
• Speed: 4
• Edurance: 1
• Chakra: 6

Shizuna Aburame D6M18Ib

Shizuna Aburame I8xsqE8

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: Shiro Aburame [Father] + Tomomi Aburame [Mother]
• Siblings: Shin Aburame [Younger Brother]
• Mentor & Idols: Parents
• History:

The Aburame had a home in Kazangakure. However, one man, Shiro Aburame, had a fascination for bugs that could not be satisfied with one village. He had to view every bug in the world and collect as much data on them as possible. A second Aburame, Tomomi, had that same fascination. They connected with their love of insects. Together, they traveled the world to collect as much information on bugs as they could. After a while, they developed a love for each other and got married.

Through their travels, they came upon Sukaigakure. The land in the sky was a marvel to the Aburame family. While they were collecting their data, they ran into the Nara clan. Aburame were famous for using kikaichu, chakra eating bugs, as weapons. The leader of the Nara clan was aware of the practicality of Kikaichu, and automatically hired them for an important mission.

The daughter of the clan leader had a monster sealed inside her. To make sure that nothing ever happened, they asked for the Aburame family to look after her. Since this granted safe harboring in Sukaigakure, the Aburame accepted the request.

They looked after the heir to the Nara clan all the while raising a child of their own creation: Shizuna.

Shizuna always knew what her purpose was from the start. Once her Kikaichu were given to her, her parents warned her of her importance. She was to look after Shikamao, the Nara heiress. At first, Shizuna hated this task. The heiress was lazy and fairly weak. She had to do everything for Shikamao, and if she didn't then Shikamao would trick her into doing everything. The heiress was rude and everything else that Shizuna couldn't stand!

However, after looking after this lazy heiress for so long, Shizuna had come to develop a friendship with Shikamao. She became very protective of her, and they both created a bond with one another. Together they entered into the Academy, and together they became Genin.

Once they were given their headbands, their journey to becoming stronger began.

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Shizuna Aburame
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