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Mission Guide

Missions are the lifeblood of shinobi. The village often creates missions for their own shinobi as "jobs" or tasks. Sometimes the village gets requests from others, whether from merchants, other nations or indigenous people of the land. Missions serve to accomplish more than just tasks for the village however. They also serve as a way for shinobi to mature and advance their own skills. Because IC posts give experience in both missions & casual threads: we require a minimum of 200 word count for both types.
D Rank Shinobi may participate in C Rank missions(2 D Rank nin or 1D & 1C Rank nin).
C Rank shinobi may participate in B Rank missions(2 C Rank nin or 1C & 1B Rank nin).
A Rank shinobi may participate in S Rank missions(2 B Rank nin or 1B & 1A Rank nin).
S Rank shinobi may participate in SS-X missions(2 A Rank nin or 1A & 1S Rank nin).

Mission Template
Mission Template:

D Rank- 50exp, 100 RYO, 200 word count.
C Rank- 100exp, 200 RYO, 400 word count.
B Rank- 200exp, 300 RYO, 600 word count.

A Rank-  300exp, 400 RYO, 800 word count.
S Rank- 600exp, 600 RYO, 1,000 word count.
SS Rank- 1,200exp, 800 RYO, 1,500 word count.
X Rank- 2,000 exp, 1,000 RYO, 2,000 word count.

Bingo Book
Committing crimes against any village increases a shinobi's bingo count. This is done various ways, such as betraying your own village, or even something as simple as completing missions. Your Bingo count is located in your character update sheet and only increases. Of course there are other ways to increase Bingo count, such as personally attacking another village or their shinobi(Especially during times of peace!) Beware, you'll be held accountable between allied villages if you damage the trust established. Capturing or killing Bingo targets may reward you & your village rewards from other villages(Assuming they have enough to pay you!)
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Crisis: Mission Guide
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