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Jutsu Guide

Below are several fields that will thoroughly explain each segment of the jutsu template. The purpose is to be helpful to members when creating jutsu, as well as to make the workload for staff less stressful. Please follow the provided jutsu template and stay within the values placed by the guide per rank. This will assist both staff and members alike in speedy approvals so we can all enjoy our creations IC! If you do not understand something, or believe your creation does not fit or belong in certain fields, please feel free to ask the staff for their assistance. If a staff member grades your jutsu, it will be in accordance with this jutsu guide: so please don't make a fuss. If you feel that the grading was done improperly, then bring it up to an Administrator. When making a jutsu, please make them 1 jutsu per thread for easy & fast navigation. Also consider that every custom jutsu made, will be added to our library(Unless you specify it's unique to your character.)
Jutsu costs
E Rank: Free
D-Rank: 150 exp or 200 words
C Rank: 300 exp or 500 words
B Rank: 600 exp and 300 words or 700 words
A Rank: 1,200 exp and 600 words or 1300 words
S Rank: 2,400 exp and 1200 words or 2500 words
SS Rank: 4,800 exp and 2400 words or 5000 words
X Rank: 9,600 exp and 3000 words or 6000 words

Name: A very straightforward description and understanding of this field in the jutsu template. The name of a jutsu is for identification purposes. If you want to include the Japanese name and kanji, that's fine- but please include the English translation as well. Also, please don't give jutsu misleading names, such as an Earth technique named after a water technique.

Rank: The ranking field in the template is to determine the skill level and overall power of a jutsu. Rank and power are closely associated on Crisis, for the power of the jutsu reflects upon the rank of jutsu multiplied by your chakra stat. Please accurately rank all of your jutsu, and accept it if a staff member asks you to lower the rank of a jutsu.

Specialty: Specialty or Type, is the field in which you include the necessary skills required to perform your jutsu. Fairly straightforward in understanding- if you are using a sword technique, then it falls under the Bukijutsu specialty. If you're using a melee fighting style with your fists, then its specialty is Taijutsu. If you're using a jutsu to heal someone's wounds, then your specialty is Medical Ninjutsu. Many of these specialties may be combined to do different things, but as a general rule: D-B Ranks may only use one specialty, while A-X Ranks may use two specialties. This applies mostly to custom jutsu, seeing as certain canon jutsu are known to use more skills. Canon jutsu will follow whatever approved skills they are posted as. Below are a few specific specialty restrictions. Generally, if the specialty specifies the ability to do these specific things, they are the only specialty capable of performing this feat. So please don't try making Taijutsu that can ward off poisons, or pure Ninjutsu that buffs your stats.

Resource Cost: This field of the jutsu template is easy. There are three types of resources. Chakra, Senjutsu chakra & Stamina. Normally, a member may only have access to one of two or these types. Normal chakra is what everyone possesses. Senjutsu chakra is limited to those with a skill as a Sage. Senjutsu chakra adds another level of power and skill to the user's techniques, but that will be covered in another topic. Finally, there is Stamina. Stamina is a statless part of the forum and is only applicable to those who specialize in Taijutsu or Bukijutsu. In this regard, Taijutsu and Bukijutsu users do not tire as quickly as those who rely solely on chakra. Pure Taijutsu and Bukijutsu techniques do not cost any chakra. Applying an element or using most weapon abilities however will consume chakra. So long as the user's chakra does not fall below 5%, they can still move about freely while tired with minimal effort. Once your chakra hits 5%, you will be drastically slowed and weakened. (80% stat reduction)
Chakra cost:

Handsigns: Handsigns or handseals, are essential for most jutsu regardless of specialty. Handsigns are the channeling process of chakra molding within the chakra pathway system. Handseals draw forth the chakra, mold the technique according to the handseal and amount of handseals. The number of handseals required for jutsu vary, though a base amount is placed per rank. Additional handseals may be added, but not subtracted from the base amount. Very few jutsu excluding most Taijutsu and Bukijutsu techniques will not have handseals.

Duration: Certain jutsu have instant cast and effect, while others have lasting effects over an extended period of time. The cost for both types of jutsu are the same, but the power of the jutsu will only be 1/2 the total power for duration types over every post they remain active. The half power can be strengthen for duration techniques by applying half of their ranked jutsu's chakra cost per post however. If using a B Rank duration jutsu & you desire or need full power per post, after the initial posts chakra cost, every post after that will require 50% additional chakra. In addition to this, certain ranked jutsu may only last for so long.

Disclaimer: The 3 stats below are derived from your whole chakra power stat. If you have 300 jutsu power, you have 300 stat points to divide between the jutsu's Range, Power & Speed upon creation. When distributing stat points to jutsu, always round to the highest whole number. When putting stats into your jutsu, we do not use point-for-point stat distribution. Instead we use percentages. I will show an example. Say I have 200 chakra stat & I use a C Rank jutsu. That gives me 200(2)=400 stat points. Even though we have 400 stats, we divide these stats by percentages in the individual stat distribution. In whole integers please(like 5%, 10%, 20%, etc)
Name: Water jutsu
Rank: C rank
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Resource Cost: 30CP
Handsigns: Tiger, Ox, Boar
Duration: Instant/1 post
Range: 20%(80stats/400)
Power: 50%(200stats/400)
Speed:  30%(120stat/400)
Description: Shoots a ball of water.
Effects: Wets the immediate area it makes contact with.
Requirements: C Rank Ninjutsu

Range: The range field of the jutsu template is very straightforward and simple to understand. All ranks of jutsu have a three stats that determine their full capabilities. Range is the stat which determines their maximum effectiveness based on total distance traveled. Ranges for ranked techniques can vary greatly depending on how the jutsu is created and jutsu power is divided. Depending on the nature of the jutsu, even a D Rank technique can have a longer range than an A Rank technique. Range is measured in meters. 1 stat point in Range correlates to one full 1 meter distance travel. That is for linear travel however. Circumference(AOE-Area of effect) jutsu that take up a whole field, cost a bit more in range. 3 stat points correlates to 1 meter AOE. Additionally, the size of certain jutsu can be increased the same way(Like increasing the fire of a fireball) This takes two sets of range. A) for total distance traveled. B) for size of fireball.

Power: Arguably the most important part of a jutsu. The power stat determines the jutsu's overall effectiveness in terms of damage. Add plenty of points into the power stat if you wish to hit hard or apply certain effects with efficiency. Power stat is straightforward in that 1 point in power stat correlates to 1 point in jutsu power. Likewise, effects also operate on the same ratio.

Speed: Speed, arguably lesser important than the power stat, but equally vital to actually hit the target. Without an adequate speed stat, your opponent could evade or even counter you. Add plenty of points into this stat if you wish to be more successful in hitting your target. Like the power stat, speed also applies a 1 to 1 ratio. 1 point in Speed stat, applies a 1 point speed increase to the jutsu. Most jutsu's speed do not reflect the user's own speed stat unless it is Taijutsu or Bukijutsu(not ranged bukijutsu).

Description: Descriptions are very important when conceptualizing a jutsu. Not only does it help you create and get the jutsu approved. It also helps other readers(including staff) to understand the full appearance and effect of the jutsu. Be as descriptive as possible when creating jutsu. Please do not insinuate things that are not clearly there. If you do this, your jutsu will be approved without the subtle abilities or effects.

Effects: The effects are somewhat tricky, yet also simple. The effects of a jutsu can range in many areas- such as a fire jutsu causing burning damage. A stunning jutsu to cause paralysis. A poisoning jutsu to apply poison, etc. Please note that in effects, the effectiveness of a jutsu's effect is determined by the power stat of a jutsu. In some cases, even the speed stat can be used.

Requirements: This field in the template is both important and trivial. It is important for you to include any special characteristics which enable or disable someone from using the jutsu you've created. Such as needing a certain bloodline or Hiden.

Resource Cost: 

[b]Specialty: [/b]
[b]Resource Cost: [/b]
[b]Duration: [/b]
[b]Effects: [/b]
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Crisis: Jutsu Guide
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