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Name: (日向一族, Hyūga Ichizoku)
Location: Sukai Village

History: The Hyuga clan are descendants from the Otsutsuki clan, specifically Hamura Otsutsuki's lineage. Due to this lineage, the Hyuga are distant cousins to the Uchiha, Uzumaki and Kaguya clans. Among those clans, the Hyuga is considered the second most powerful. Even then, one of the five most powerful clan doujutsu in the shinobi world, second only to the Uchiha's sharingan. Due to their prowess and unique abilities, the clan was both praised and coveted by others. Throughout their history, time and again the clan was used to fight wars. Their invaluable eyes allowed their forces the leading edge against enemy forces. Their own skill in combat was worth mentioning as well. For these qualities, they were heavily relied upon to win conflicts... but they were also heavily targeted by those envious or fearful of the Hyuga's doujutsu, the Byakugan. Though invaluable, they were often expendable for the "greater good" of the village they served. This combined with the stigma placed upon their heads throughout the world, caused the Hyuga at one age, to fear for their very survival.

At their most dire time, a plan was devised to protect their heritage and bloodline. The Hyuga clan separated itself into two distinct families. The Main house and the Branch house, more commonly called the Main and Branch family. The Main family's role was to govern the clan and to teach all Hyuga in their traditions and fighting style, the Jyuken. Their role was the preservation of their ways, while the Branch family's role was more subservient. The Branch family's role was to protect the Main family. At the third birthday of the heir to the Main family's heirs, the Branch family are branded with a juuinjutsu curse upon their foreheads. This seal gives the Main family absolute control over the Branch family, ensuring their loyalty and servitude. There remains a greater purpose for the curse seal however. To ensure that the Hyuga's Byakugan is not taken by others, the members of the Branch family with the curse seal have their Byakugan sealed upon their deaths.

Over the years, many ninja and villages had attempted to steal the secrets of the Byakugan. Few if any have been successful in stealing the doujutsu. The clan itself has taken a far less active role in village disputes and affairs. This mixed with the practice of the Main and Branch family, has discouraged others from attempting to steal the Byakugan. Now, the Hyuga's proud lineage focuses within their village, promoting their own power and influence in the village of Sukai. The clan holds a very influential position within the village, tasked with the security of the village's parameters due to their doujutsu. This is essential due to their eyes being capable of seeing vast distances to warn in advance of enemy forces.

Special Info: 

Main Family:
Branch Family:


  • Born a Hyuga whether in the Main or Branch family. 
  • Branch Family upon approval, have the Curse Seal automatically added to their foreheads.

Current Members: 

Clan Leader: 
Main Family: 
Branch Family

Name of the Kekkei Genkai:

Description: This dōjutsu usually is manifested as very distinctive eyes, characterized by their enlarged and featureless white or light shade lavender irides with no visible pupils. While active, the pupils become more distinct and the veins near their temples bulge. Unlike other dōjutsu, the Byakugan is normally available to its users from birth, and on rarer occasions, the dōjutsu can be awakened if one parent is a Hyuga(Only applicable to clanless characters). Transplanted Byakgans do not suffer transplant drawbacks. 

Once manifested, the Byakugan will automatically activate if the user is stressed enough from confrontation. The Byakugan gives the user a near 360º diameter field of vision, with only one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. The range of this vision varies between users and can be improved with training. Its vision can penetrate through any solid objects, obstructions and likewise remains unaffected by blinding interference such as smoke or flash bombs. Certain barriers may distort the Byakugan's perception however. The Byakugan is able to follow high-speed movements and analyse their opponent's actions, which allows the user to predict and better react to them(+15 Reaction Speed). The Byakugan is capable of magnifying in on small targets and seeing infrared to detect a target through their body heat.

Arguably, its greatest ability is to see chakra, which it can do to a greater degree than the Sharingan: it can identify chakra by the specific individuals it originates from, see through genjutsu plus determine its nature and when it has been used. It can also discern certain types of clones from the real person. Its ability to see chakra is acute enough to see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that run along it. The Hyūga have devised a style of combat known as the Gentle Fist to take advantage of this ability, wherein they strike an opponent's tenketsu to either seal or forcibly open them, thus giving the user complete control over their opponent's chakra. The Byakugan can also be used to extend the range of genjutsu Prolonged use of the Byakugan causes severe but temporary eye-strain, leaving wielders unable to properly perceive targets(User's chakra reaches 5% or lower).

Chakra System Physiology
Description: The Hyuga are born with unique bodies, unnaturally flexible and capable of expelling their chakra through their own tenketsu. These features combined with the Byakugan are what enables them to perform their signature fighting style Jyuken.

Jutsu: To be announced

Clan Special Characteristics: 


Jyuken is a unique martial art to the Hyuga clan. Due to their body being able to expel chakra from their tenketsu points, combined with their agile bodies and Byakugan- they employ a fighting style capable of destroying opponents with minimal effort. Jyuken, more commonly called the "Gentle Fist" is a hand-to-hand form of combat where damage is inflicted internally upon the body's chakra pathway system. This subsequently injures organs closely in distance to the chakra pathway system. The process involves the Jyuken user inserting their own chakra with precision into the opponent's chakra system, damaging the nearby organs within proximity. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal injury: hence the dubbed name "Gentle Fist". This fighting style is unique to the Hyuga, for several factors are involved, including the Byakugan: though the Byakugan is only necessary to see the chakra system for precision strikes into a foe's tenketsu points to either block or force open their chakra system. 

By employing the use of the Byakugan they can target the tenketsu, thus enhancing the havoc and control a Gentle Fist practitioner can impose upon an opponent's chakra network. These 361 nodes are key gate-keeping interceptions in the chakra circulatory network, thus forcibly opening or sealing them in whatever manner the Gentle Fist user sees fit, is a powerful tactical option to have. The affected person's chakra flow can either be increased or disrupted completely, preventing them from using techniques as seen in a fight between two Hyuga, one striking the other's tenketsu and rendering their Gentle Fist maneuvers ineffective.

It is noted that any chakra-based substance can be destroyed by this technique. As seen in Neji's fight with Kidōmaru, it is done by leaking chakra from the chakra openings in one's hands and molding it into a needle-like shape to slice through the chakra. Because Gentle Fist is mostly taijutsu, some believed users can only emit chakra from their hands due to the hands being the most mobile limbs on the body. However, users can emit chakra from any tenketsu, making binding them with chakra-based substance impossible

Because the chakra pathway system is invisible to the naked eye, the Byakugan is required for most techniques of this style. Since the Byakugan is unique to the Hyūga clan, it has become their signature style of combat. The ability to inflict severe internal trauma with minimal external force, combined with chakra network manipulation, makes the Gentle Fist the most reputable and fearsome taijutsu style known in all of Suki no Kuni. In contrast to this, the technique can also be used for supplementary purposes displayed when Hinata used the technique to fix Naruto Uzumaki's dislocated shoulder joint during the Fourth Shinobi World War. Unlike normal practitioner of martial arts where power is determined by strength and speed, Jyuken instead focuses on speed and chakra. Which is another reason the art is called Jyuken. Very little force is required to use the martial art due to the use of chakra through the tenketsu points. Jyuken used without jutsu format are only capable of D Rank damage and do not require the user to expend chakra. Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore a percentage of the target's Endurance stat.

Name: Basic Jyuken
Rank: C
Type: Physical
Requirements: N/A
Description: Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore 10% of target's Endurance stat.

Name: Greater Jyuken
Rank: B
Type: Physical
Requirements: Replaces Basic Jyuken
Description: Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore 20% of target's Endurance stat.

Name: Insane Jyuken
Rank: A
Type: Physical
Requirements: Replaces Greater Jyuken
Description: Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore 30% of target's Endurance stat.

Name: Godlike Jyuken
Rank: S
Type: Physical
Requirements: Replaces Insane Jyuken
Description: Jyuken specifically targeting tenketsu points ignore 40% of target's Endurance stat.

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