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 Shikamao Nara

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PostSubject: Shikamao Nara   Shikamao Nara Icon_minitimeFri Jun 23, 2017 2:04 pm

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Shikamao Nara 1L3uLLv
• Name: Shikamao Nara
• Nickname / Alias: Leisure Demon Lord
• Title: Nara heir
• Age: 16
• Gender: Female
• Sexuality: Bisexual

Shikamao Nara APRJNkR

Shikamao Nara 9sqtiQu
• Height: 5 Foot 5
• Weight: 125lbs
• Body type: Slightly curvy
• Eye colour: Black
• Hair colour & style: Raven silk black, long/lengthy just passed her butt
• General Appearance: [picture at top]

Shikamao is a young women of gifted properties, in both the physical and mental aspects- but we're focusing on the physical for now! For her age, she is presumed to have reached full height at five feet and five inches. Her weight ever fluctuating slightly is at one hundred and twenty five pounds. The figure of her body is slightly curvy, taking on a well-shaped slender hourglass figure. She has an ample bosom of a 45D(much to many other women's dismay and jealousy). Her skin tone is slightly pale but more akin to a delicate porcelain. Her eyes are as black as midnight, quite like her raven black silky smooth hair. Her hair is rather long, reaching bust past her butt and tapering off gently. The choice of her clothing is somewhat unlike what other Nara clansmen might wear. She prefers a flashy sort of attire, mostly coarse leather and buttons. Starting with no shirt, she wears an overcoat instead. Two of the three buttons are pinned from the bottom, leaving the very top button open to slightly reveal her cleavage- more so for her comfort's sake than the oggling of others. The coat itself is sleeveless and has an unnecassarily large collar which is folded over neatly with buttons on the end- which insinuate that it can be raised around her face and buttons to resemble a mask. On her arms are elbow-length leather gloves. 
Her pants are of a similar fashion, though loosely fitted around her thighs for comfort and mobility- they snuggly hug her waist and the pan legs grip her shins where they are tuched into knee-high leather boots. The boots themselves are leather and laces in the front with buckles that extent from the front side of her ankle all the way up to the top of the boot at her knees. Hung around her waist is a black leather belt. This belt has three loops: two around her waist and one over top her coat's underside.
• Markings: Fuin seal on her lower waist-left side.
Shikamao Nara 8Dm3aDD
• Persona:  Shikamao is a person of "unique" qualities. The more usual first- like many of her family(especially her father) she is reluctant to use any effort into most things- even the things she finds interesting. Whether that being her favorite hobby or eating. She complains quite a bit, mostly about how tired she feels or how unnecessary everything else is. 
On the less common side of things- she is a bit of a glutton. Some who know her and her dark history, might assume that her gluttonous side comes from the darkness within her and its unique properties...While maybe not entirely wrong, Shikamao just really likes food. Growing up with the clse clan families of the Yamanaka and Akimichi, Shikamao has grown up with a fond liking to cooking and eating. If her appearance wasnt such a huge contrast to the Akimichi, one mght assume she was the akimichi of the InoShikoCho trio.

When push comes to shove however, she can be quite serious. Even in her not-so-serious state and more lazy, her mind is constantly running through the environment and trying to predict how most events will play out. As humans are creatures of habit, she tends to understand patterns, choices and many other details- all for the sake of using as little effort herself. In a similar manner, she was raised from a young child to think strategically and several steps ahead to control the flow of combat. She complains a lot- mostly just to complain, but also to throw off her opponents or give her allies specific ques and hints for their plans.

• Motto: “What a drag(or variations of complaints)”

• Likes:
Slow quiet days




• Dislikes:
*Running out of food

*Being belittled or scoffed at

*Up-tight people

*Disorganized clutter

Shikamao Nara Oj3QcJ4

Shikamao Nara IWaryzM
• Special Characteristics:

    [1]- Members of this clan naturally have a strong affinity for yin based jutsu such as genjutsu. Yin based techniques are considered one rank higher when used by members of the Nara clan. This SC only scales up to S Rank unless the Nara member choose to opt in to Limiteds for their clan jutsu.

D - Genin
C - Chunnin
B - Special Jounin
A - Jounin, ANBU
S - Sannin
SS - Kage
• Rank: D Rank/ Level 1

• Clan: Nara Clan
• Bijuu: Yes(Gluttony)

Genin Level/ Level 1: 14 Stats points to distribute
• Strength: 2
• Speed: 3
• Edurance: 1
• Chakra: 8

Shikamao Nara D6M18Ib

Shikamao Nara I8xsqE8

• Village: Sukaigakure
• Parents: Makoto Nara & Shisui Nara
• Siblings: No
• Mentor & Idols: Father & family friend-pair of InoShikoCho
• History:
Birth: Shikamao was born into the Nara family. Not just any part of the Nara family, but the head of the clan and presumably the most beautiful Nara woman. Unlike Shikamao's mother, her father wasn't really anything special, but some some reason, her mother Shisui loved him greatly. Despite how greatly her parent's love was for each other, they only had one child and that was their daughter Shikamao. At the time of her birth, there was a need for a host to one of the village's Jinchuriki. A few children were chosen, however Shikamo showed the greatest compatibility. As a duty to their village, her parents offered their only daughter as the host to the terrible demon of Gluttony. They knew the price it would take on the village if the demon was to break free of its bindings: reluctantly they allowed their newborn daughter to become the demon's host.

PreAcademy: Despite her dark history, Shikamao was raised fully aware of the beast within her. She was raised to fear and respect the creature, but to never interact with it. Her parents didn't want her influenced by such an evil creature, especially at such a young and impressionable age. As a part of the InoShikoCho alliance, Shikamao's burden became the burden of all three closely family related clans- the Yamanaka, Nara & Akimichi clans. Being the daughter of the clan head, and being born on the same day as her mother and father's teammates: Shikamao was destined at birth to be on the team with two other girls. Chouki and Inuyasha, two of the InoShikoCho alliance. In addition to the InoShikoCho alliance, Shisui Nara could easily be considered an overprotective mother- as she sought to hire a particular Aburame family's service to protect her troublesome daughter. The daughter of this Aburame family would later become to known as Shizuka Aburame- a close friend of Shikamao's, although to an outsider, they may not seem like friends- as Shikamao dislikes the perfectionist types and continually picks on and bullies Shizuka.

Academy: Although Shikamao was the only child of the Nara clan head- the expectations placed on her were conrary to her station. Due to being raised as the Jinchuriki of the demon Gluttony, she had paltry chakra reserves ever since she was a child. While she was assumed to be a great shinobi like her beautiful and strong mother- she was weak and lacked proper chakra control. With this growing up, everyone around her assumed she would amount to nothing and ignored her. Few people really knew the truth to her sickness and only a handful of people supported her- namely her childhood friends of the InoShikoCho alliance and her Aburame friend Shizuka. 
She struggled in the academy, often picked on by other students for having a hard time mastering the simple stuff,but she worked hard with the encouragement of her friends and clan families: despite her lazy nature.

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PostSubject: Re: Shikamao Nara   Shikamao Nara Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2018 12:24 pm

Rollng for starter SC

Beginner Sensory- 1-35

Increased Spiritual Force- 36-65

Increased Handseal Speed- 66-100
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PostSubject: Re: Shikamao Nara   Shikamao Nara Icon_minitimeSun Dec 09, 2018 12:24 pm

The member 'Rei' has done the following action : Dices roll

'Gifts!!' : 2
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Shikamao Nara CHDzEwl

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PostSubject: Re: Shikamao Nara   Shikamao Nara Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2018 1:38 pm

Due to clan update, starting with cln SC & choosing the two below as my other two to advance later.

Beginner Sensory

Increased Handseal Speed
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