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 Handing Out Invitations, S-Rank Mission

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Handing Out Invitations, S-Rank Mission AFw9KHA

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PostSubject: Handing Out Invitations, S-Rank Mission   Handing Out Invitations, S-Rank Mission Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2017 11:33 am

Name: Handing Out Invitations
Rank: S-Rank
Location: Hyozangakure
Requirements: Genin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 1 Unique Material from Hyozangakure Province (Terrasilver or Primal Icestone) and 2,000 Ryo
Description: The nature of the mission is to remain unspotted and detected upon delivery of a letter to the ambassador of each village. The letter, containing sensitive information written by Sameonna Hoshigaki in an effort to unify an underground network of powerhouse shinobi and kunoichi, is to be given to the appointed village official acting as ambassador around the globe in each respective Shinobi Nation. These ambassadors will review the note, and directions will be given to the carrier of this mission that state that this ambassador is to meet with the Sannin and ANBU Captain of their village, delivering Sameonna's letter. The letter discloses that a meeting is to be held, a one time invitation to join an Elite group of shinobi with no officially appointed leader, instead, the group would be following laws and guidelines known as the "Old Ways". More information is to be given to the shinobi/officials who arrive to this meeting. Not showing would is considered to exile the Nation from inclusion.
Redoable?: No
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Handing Out Invitations, S-Rank Mission
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