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Name: Corrupted Chakra
Rank: S
Type: Body Enhancement
Clan: Uyeno
Description: Some within the Uyeno see this Bloodline as an incurable curse, while the ones who’ve succumbed see it only as a gift. Corrupted Chakra is a phenomenon which becomes present in all Uyeno once being born. It targets the basic chakra system of the wielder, implanting itself into the system and taking it over. This process varies infant to infant, in the timespan no longer than one month. It’s been believed throughout history, the longer the process takes and the infant lives, the more powerful and potent the chakra will become. During this process, many Uyeno’s die due to the chakra’s abnormal behavior overwhelming the infant(1/3 live usually). The diamond markings on the Uyeno’s palms surface during this whole experience as well, a sign of fortune to show the infant will most likely live. Once the process is over, the individual's life fully begins as a Uyeno, with a much potent and advanced chakra system they would receive a 80+ Chakra increase.

However, due to the corrupted chakra it targets the mind of the Uyeno to more malicious and demented thoughts. It’s as if another voice quietly speaks to them within their head, sprouting aggression and hate. Therefore, they tend to be far more emotional and lean towards the darker option. The Uyeno would begin to believe the thoughts going on within his/her head, as it specifically pinpoints trauma unique to the individual, aiming to cause self doubt, longing for more power, and overall to destroy the mental brain. The chakra does this as a way of survival, as the more “corrupted” the Uyeno is, the stronger and easier it is to run wild. Uyeno’s are affected in some mannerism by this chakra mentally and emotionally sometime in their life. However, their are those Uyeno who have a will strong enough to withstand the main forces of these thoughts, and overcome them through a fierce mental battle. Though the thoughts will still linger as long as they have this Kekkei Genkai. This Kekkei Genkai is a life struggle between the light and the dark, many Uyeno in the past and present have succumbed to this evil power, some to have never returned. It’s simply incurable unless one removes the Corrupted Chakra for good via removing Uyeno DNA.

Those who obtain a Uyeno DNA transplant are rendered useless as the corrupted chakra begins to sink into their chakra system and work its magic. They are bedridden and feel as if their whole being is shattering, due to the chakra system they have been so accustomed to literally ceasing to exist and being overridden by a new system. They must go through 2 topics of at least 7 post each, and 5000 Words total(out of both topics) explaining the non-physical pain and transitioning of their body, and the dark thoughts that come. At this vulnerable state, their mind is at an even more sensitive state able to be corrupted more easily, feeling and remembering the pain ever so greatly then what an infant ever could. For this reasoning, the chances of someone going through this process and coming out unscathed is close to none. The person is conscious throughout this whole process, unless asleep due to the body needing to rest. Though even so, the mind cannot escape the uneasiness even through dreams, cases showing having a warped dream scenario and voice echoing malice.

(If your character is not known for their strong will, then you will succumb to the chakra aiming to bring you into darkness. Every Uyeno is affected by this Chakra, it being big or small. Even the strongest willed will have doubts, or hear that voice echoing in their mind as long as the chakra is affected. Of course this means, no more corrupted chakra then no more evil thoughts.)

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