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PostSubject: Purity of Revenge   Purity of Revenge Icon_minitimeWed Jan 25, 2017 7:21 am

Name: Purity of Revenge
Rank: A-rank
Location: Outside any Village
Requirements: Jounin+ (Can be done solo or in a team)
Reward: 6,000 Ryo
Description: A group of Missing Nin recently made a very large mistake, they attacked a caravan guarded by a squad of Genin from the village, resulting in the death of the teams Jounin sensei, who sacrificed himself to allow his students to escape. This act cannot go unpunished, you have been assigned the task of tracking down these cretins and showing them what happens when they mess with the might of your village. There are five Missing Nin in total, 1 D-rank, 2 C-ranks and 2 B-ranks, you have been instructed to bring the heads of each and every one of them back to the village...and you are to bring only their heads.

The D-rank Missing Nin has 10 strength, 20 speed, 10 durability and 30 chakra, he is armed with a standard Katana and has access to 2 E-rank jutsu and 1 D-rank. His chakra nature is water and he specializes in Ninjutsu.

One of the C-ranks possesses 40 strength, 50 speed, 30 durability and 20 chakra, she is known to specialize in Taijutsu and is armed only with 3 kunai. Her chakra nature is Earth and she has access to all E-ranks techniques, 3 D-ranks and 1 C-rank.

The other C-rank has 5 strength, 60 speed, 5 durability and 70 chakra, he is known to specialize in Fuinjutsu and is armed with 4 Shuriken and a single kunai. His chakra nature is fire and he has access to all E-rank techniques, 2 D-ranks and 2 C-ranks.

The first B-rank has 20 strength, 70 speed, 30 durability and 90 chakra, he is known to specialize in Iryojutsu and Genjutsu, and he has access to 3 Shuriken and 3 Kunai. He is known to use both Earth and Fire release, and he has access to all E and D-rank techniques, 3 C-ranks and 1 B-rank

The second B-rank is the leader of the group. She has 50 strength, 50 speed, 50 durability and 60 chakra, and is known to specialize in Ninjutsu and Bukijutsu, she access to a standard Katana and 4 kunai. She is a known user of Wind Release and has access to all E and D-rank techniques, along with 3-ranks, 2 B-ranks and a single A-rank.

Redoable?: Yes
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Purity of Revenge
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