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PostSubject: Justice   Justice Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2017 8:19 am

Name: Justice
Rank: A-rank
Location: Any Village
Requirements: Jounin+ (Solo only)
Reward: 6,000 Ryo
Description: Two shinobi that have been condemned to death are finally ready to be executed. They have been promised freedom if they survive, however it is only a false hope given to them to ensure they fight at their best. Both of these shinobi are extremely dangerous enemies of the state, and Missing Nin with particularly heinous records. You have been assigned the honour of executing the scum in the name of your village, and you are expected to put on a good show for the civilians in the audience, in order to show them what happens to people who oppose the might of their village and instill them with a sense of pride. In order to make the fight appear more even both of the criminals have been supplied with a small amount of weapons, but even should they win neither will leave the arena alive, as a small seal has been placed on their bodies to ensure that should they try to leave they will be given a very nasty surprise.

One of the criminals is a B-rank Missing Nin with noted skills in Medical and Ninjutsu, she noted to possess both Fire and Lightning natured chakra. She has 20 strength, 60 speed, 30 durability and 100 chakra, and is armed with 10 Shuriken and 5 Kunai. She has access to all E and D-rank techniques, along with 6 C-ranks and 5 B-ranks. The other Criminal is also B-rank, but unlike his counterpart is noted to be a very dangerous close range fighter, with skills in Bukijutsu and Taijutsu. He is noted to only possess Wind Release, and like his counterpart has access to all E and D-rank techniques, he possesses 7 C-ranks, 3 B-ranks and a single A-rank. He has 80 strength, 80 speed, 40 durability, and 10 chakra, and is armed with only a single 50 durability katana.
Redoable?: Once per character
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