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 Special Characteristic Template

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PostSubject: Special Characteristic Template   Special Characteristic Template Icon_minitimeMon Feb 29, 2016 5:25 pm

-Making Special Characteristics-

Custom Special Characteristics are a way for you, the Player to add your own flavour to your character and mechanically differentiate them from every other shinobi. It will allow you gain mechanical benefits from In Character events, beliefs, trained skills or pretty much anything your character could feasibly acquire through training, study, or hard work. A slight exception would be Special Characteristics that build off one’s bloodline or clan - these may be physical, mental or spiritual mutations, such as the development of a Sharingan, or Kaguya’s bone manipulation. If you do not possess any such bloodline or reasonable mechanic that would allow your body to evolve in such a way, custom Special Characteristics must be limited to trainable abilities.

If your SC is providing a stat buff, or some form of scaleable effect, it must begin at C-Rank, and will be allowed to grow in power through multiple stages. Improved movement speed, or Improved spiritual force are good examples of this.

If your SC is unlocking the use of some form of ability or effect that isn’t scaleable, then it can be presented as a single-stage SC of appropriate rank. This however cannot be used to circumvent the additional wordcount/exp required to acquire the ability, and any custom SCs found to be doing this will be barred from approval.

When designing custom SCs or all other effects, items or organizations within the game, we require the Player to put thought into its description, backstory, and or flavour when appropriate. It is perfectly possible to have a Clan that allows them to manipulate their bones if the In-World reasoning for this ability is sufficiently different from the Kaguya. Or a Special Characteristic tree that gives +80 points to Speed alongside Godlike movement speed, so long as the reasoning behind it is sufficiently different. This will be determined by the staff at the time of approval. If there are any discrepancies, our staff would be glad to help bring your visions to life!

Special Characteristic Template


[b]Name:[/b]  Name of your Special characteristic
[b]Rank:[/b] Rank of it?
[b]Requirements:[/b] What skills do you need to have in order to have this SC?
[b]Type:[/b] Physical, mental or spiritual
[b]Description:[/b] describe in detail what it does, word requirement, if you need a partner or just by yourself etc
[b]Open to the public:[/b] Yes or No?
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Special Characteristic Template
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