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 Crystal Recreation System

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Crystal Recreation System CHDzEwl
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PostSubject: Crystal Recreation System   Crystal Recreation System Icon_minitimeThu Feb 25, 2016 3:40 am

Name: Crystal Recreation System
Village Exclusive?: Sky and Iceberg
Price: 7,000 ryo
Element: n/a
Description: These Systems are located by the central crystals of the village in a large building under it. These buildings are sometimes the Kage Building and will be located in a room in these buildings. In these Rooms there are huge steps which follow to the main crystal that can recreate the Frozen and Floating Crystal to return the land back to its normal state. To Recreate these crystal an amount of 300 Chakra or more is needed to bring back the crystals. A Doom Counter is Struck for each Village with the Crystals, meaning in 7 Post the Land will lose its Standing in the Sky or Frozen Tundra. It takes 3 Post to Recreate a Crystal and a post is dropped for every 100 Chakra Added to the Recreation of the Crystal.

Crystal Recreation Room:


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Crystal Recreation System
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