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 I will Surpass you!! | Training | Flashback

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PostSubject: I will Surpass you!! | Training | Flashback   I will Surpass you!! | Training | Flashback Icon_minitimeWed Feb 24, 2016 3:51 am




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Training Goal | 4000 WC:

The sun drowned in the horizon, it's rays of light glimmering in the darkness of the white fluffy clouds above, boasting mystical colors as Twilight shadowed like a snake across the plains of the Snowy Mountainous peaks commonly known as Hyouzangakure. As the sun made it's slow descent across the sky, it allowed it's forever fluorescent and luminous sister, the lunar crescent Moon to take it's residence in the vastness of the night Sky. Casting it's own luxurious rays down upon Hyou no Kuni, it's endless light seemed to reflect off of every surface it touched, even simple flowers seemed to radiate with a peculiar white and blue glow. Numerous burning balls of gas, commonly known as stars shimmered their existence within the black void above, reflecting upon the infamous Frozen Sea, It's still waters creating an atmosphere of grace like no other. The night remained as still as can be, as even the animals and critters of the night seemed at a loss for words, speechless at the wonders of nature. The only audible sounds were the rushings of a waterfall as it's never-ending cycle drowned out any noise made from the Citizens of the icicle Village a few miles away. The night's cold air allowing all who embraced it a sense of clarity and rejuvenation.

The lights that once illuminated  the frozen village one by one went out signifying the citizens that called the snowy city home were preparing themselves for dreams to come, the moon's stream of light becoming the Village's main source of visibility as even the inner Village's light posts slowly diminished all visibility of the village's streets. A lone figure shrouded within shadows creept his way with a cat like grace through the village. The figures steps repeating in an almost silent monotone thud thud thud. With time the beatings of the figures steps increased thud thud thud thud thud as his pace quickened to the destination they seemed to be headed. The shrouded figure barely chanced a glance at his surroundings before halting abruptly before a massive building. Displayed within a wooden frame at the buildings highest vantage point read two simple words ''Hyouzangake's Office'' the sign itself appeared frosted over as if coated within an iced coffin to preserve it's words. Displaying a total disregard for the building's status the lone figure scaled the building with an ease that only a Shinobi could produce. In a flurry of quick steps the individual horizontally ran up the buildings wall as if he were simply running up hill, a skill undeniably taught to all Shinobi at a young age. As the lone figure reached the buildings roof they allowed themself to sit at the roofs edge, their legs dangling over the roofs tip with indifference, his posture appearing almost carefree if not defiant. Only as the figure sat did his appearance become visible as a single cloud allowed the moons blaze to surround the now visible young boy in light, the cheeky smile upon his face radiating as brightly as the moon above.

Overlooking the beauty of the Hidden Village known as Hyouzangakure, Village hidden in the Iceberg a fourteen year old Futushi Susanowo Senju sat upon the Hyouzangakage Building overlooking the frozen tundra's alluring scenery in awe. Defiantly the child surveyed his home, his village with a single expression upon his face. Determination. Perhaps it was due to his undeniable stubbornness, a trait he obtained from his siblings or perhaps it was his total disregard for the citizens of his beloved home who were unaware of his presence upon the Kage's symbolic building but in what seemed like a split second the young Fufu shouted three words as if calling for the world to hear ''I will Surpass you! Just you wait Hyouzankage!!!!''. Causing a ripple effect numerous domesticated animals such as pet dogs, cats and birds added to Fufu's announcement to the world, allowing their own voices to be carried across the frozen tundra, enough so to even wake the dead. With a laughter that echoed across the village Fufu sat in a fit of humor as he watched home after home illuminate once more. The Village's residents awakening to Fufu's small prank causing a stir of annoyance directed at the sole perpetrator they all knew well. Fufu stood from his sitting position as he stretched out his muscles in preparation of his quick getaway, he didn't want to be visible after pissing off half of Hyouzangakure's residents after all. In the swiftest of movements Fufu scaled the building once more before make his quick escape to the hidden confinements of his home where his family would be peacefully sleeping. It would be his last stop before his journey into Hyouzangakure's mountains in search of the man who had promised to train Fufu when he reached the rank of Genin.

Inside of the many home within Hyouzangakure a small blonde haired girl abruptly awoke from her beauty sleep. The voice of a boy echoing within her ear drums intruding her peaceful sleep. In a fit of anger the young girl clenched her fists tightly as she narrowed her eyes toward her bedroom window to the outside world ''FUTUSHI SENJU! I HOSEKI YUKI, SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE RAT!!'' The girl seemed to roar as her anger at Fufu seemed to emanate from her very pores, steam blowing out her ears. The anger within the room seemed to even cause the frost upon her window to melt away into water from the heat of the apparent annoyance she possessed. Hoseki glared once more out her window before laying her head back upon her pillow, allowing a smile to creep its away across her lips ''Idiot... I hope he realizes he will be scolded by more than just me when he returns from his trip. Goodluck on your training you little twit'' Hoseki would murmur as she would slowly drift back into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After hours later in the darkness of the night Futushi treaded carefully through the snow covered streets towards the Village's gate. From here on out his journey toward his teacher would be a long and treacherous one and only one of the first of many tests to come set for him by his to be teacher. The end result would be more than worth the hardwork, Fufu just hoped he was emotionally and physically prepared for his first steps toward being a better Shinobi, his goal to become stronger would soon be within his grasps...

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I will Surpass you!! | Training | Flashback
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