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 A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training]

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A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training] REnKfDl

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PostSubject: A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training]   A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2016 1:49 am

Shin was walking through a deep and dark cave with a small smirk on his face, many people would get lost when walking through the veritable maze of caves that he was making his way deeper and deeper into, but Shin knew these caves almost as well as he knew the back of his hand, something that he had taken his time to do because the caves actually lead him to his absolute favourite training grounds in the village, the Biju caverns. As Shin walked deeper and deeper into the caves his eyes began to pick up a small light in the distance, something that only caused him to smirk as he walked towards it. When he walked into the illuminated area he had to give his left eye a moment to adjust to the sudden change in lighting, but when his eye finally adjusted itself to the lighting of the area he could only give a small smile at the grand cavern that was stretched out before him, thus cavern was actually intended to be used for the Jinchuriki of the village to learn to control their respective Biju, but from what Shin had seen of the Jinchuriki they preferred training out in the open, something that suited Shin just fine because it meant that he usually had the caverns to himself, mainly because he was still new to the Anbu corps and he didn’t really want to train in the Anbu headquarters, he still wasn’t comfortable with it

Shin walked until he was standing right in the middle of the brightly illuminated cavern and gave a small sigh of content, he loved spending his time training in the Biju caverns, and he had done it so often and for so long the place had almost become like a second home to him. The cavern itself was filled with steaming pools of water that connected with the various geysers in the terrain above the large cavern, and these little pools were going to help him with the training that he was about to do, seeing as his main goal with this training exercise was to increase his already great proficiency with water release jutsu, and maybe a couple of ice or even wind release jutsu after he was done. The first jutsu that he wished to practice was something that he really should have learned a long time ago, the Hidden Mist Jutsu, a jutsu that involved the caster using their chakra in order to create an extremely thick and dense mist that made it extremely difficult for those caught within to see, the jutsu could be used with both a pre-existing water source or created from nothing by the users chakra but Shin figured that it would probably be easier to learn the jutsu if he did use a pre-existing water source. Shin used the surface walking technique to stand on the surface of one of the many steaming pools of water and began to focus his chakra down through his feet and into the water, before using the chakra to try and covert the water into a very thick and dense mist, and when he saw the water began to convert itself into a mist that covered everything within 20 meters of him he only gave a small smirk, even though he could barely see a meter in front of him he knew that if he were to use his Anbu mask then he would be able to hunt in the mist unhindered

Now that he had managed to learn the Hidden Mist Jutsu he moved on to one of the other jutsu that he had come down here to learn, the Hiding in the Water Technique, and much like the Hidden Mist Jutsu it involved using the element of water for stealth purposes, just in a very different way. Using this technique the user themselves would literally become one with the water, this technique was extremely useful because no matter the amount of water you could hide inside it, even if it was nothing more than a tiny puddle on the side of the road the user could ‘Merge’ with the water and become virtually undetectable, sure the users chakra was still able to be sensed in the puddle and he would be unable to access it nor would he be able to move at all unless the water itself was disturbed, but with his Anbu mask his chakra becomes undetectable to even the most proficient of sensors. Shin formed the tiger seal and focussed his chakra in the way that the technique had been described, and before he knew it he was one with the small pool of steaming water, the sensation felt strange to say the least but he actually grew to like it, due to his body having become one with the water he was not bothered in the slightest by the heat of the water, in fact he actually found it to be quite soothing, maybe he would have to use this technique in the hot springs sometime, it would certainly make the experience more enjoyable

Shin had to smirk a little, he had only been training for roughly five minutes and he had already learnt 2 new jutsu, but then again the two jutsu were only D-rank and he was a renowned prodigy of the Uzumaki clan as well as a captain of the Anbu, and as such he would be quite disappointed in himself if he couldn’t learn such a simple jutsu in this amount of time. Shin shook his head, such thoughts only got in the way of his training and also they tended to make people arrogant, something that Shin wanted to avoid at all costs, being arrogant was something that only the foolish did, he was not arrogant, he was confident of his own skills, but that confidence did not stop him from training in order to improve himself, it’s as he had always told himself “When you aim for perfection, you discover that it is a moving target”, something that only served to remind him that he needed to keep training himself no matter how much strength he had accumulated. Shin began to focus on the next jutsu that he wanted to learn, a technique that was known simply as the Water Prison, something that he assumed would be the water equivalent of his Ice Prison technique, unlike most jutsu this technique actually possessed two different sets of hand seals that could be used to perform it, the first was Snake → Ram → Horse → Hare → Ram → Horse → Hare → Hands spread in front palms out, while the second set was much shorter with only Snake → Ox → Clap Hands.

The Water Prison Technique requires a pre-existing source of water in order to be performed, of course the user themselves could’ve been the ones to create this water source with another jutsu but that is neither here nor there, the user would channel their chakra into the water and use it to form a 7ft ball of water, this Water Prison would generally be used to capture someone, and the sheer density of the water would make it extremely difficult for them to breathe, let alone escape, although in order to hold the jutsu together the user must keep one arm within the sphere of water at all times. Shin stepped off the surface of the pool and began to think about the technique and how it could possibly be improved, one thing that definitely came into his mind was the possibility of using a lightning release just while someone was trapped inside, thus turning a simple technique designed only to immobilise a target into something that could quite possibly be lethal, depending on exactly what lightning jutsu was used, but then again his partner Itami was definitely proficient when it came to lightning release jutsu. Shin formed the required hand seals for the technique and placed his left hand out in front of him, where a large ball of water immediately formed itself out of the steaming water from the pool, the heat of the water did not bother him all that much but he knew that it would be a different story if someone or something was actually trapped within the prison, as they would be slowly boiled alive while at the same time being unable to breathe, and if they did breathe in or swallow any of the water then their lungs and/or stomach would be burnt quite severely.

Just by looking at the technique Shin could tell that it was going to be extremely hard for anybody that got trapped within to escape, but then again very hard was not impossible, and as such there were definitely some ways that he could see that he could use to escape from the technique if he ever got caught within one himself. Shin removed his hand and allowed the steaming water to once again fall back into the pool, he was about to begin training another jutsu when he heard footsteps coming towards the entrance of the cavern, so in a small panic Shin made his way to entrance where the footsteps were coming from and performed the Hidden Mist Jutsu, causing thee familiar thick mist to fill the air. As the person making the footsteps stepped into the cavern he was met with the jutsu, and when he expressed his confusion towards the mist Shin snuck around him and made his exit from the caverns, the only evidence he was there being the thick mist that faded away some time after he had left the confines of the Biju caverns. The person caught within the mist never really understanding why someone had used the hidden mist jutsu as they entered nor where the person who had used it had gone, until he guessed that maybe the person who had used it wanted to train in privacy and didn’t want people to know where they had been training. At the same time Shin made his way through the caves with a small smirk on his face, confident that the person had not seen neither hide nor hair of him within the caverns

WC: 1713

Claiming Hidden Mist Jutsu

Claiming Hiding in the Water

Claiming Water Prison Technique

Claiming 6400 exp (1700 words = 1700 exp, also 1500 words of training gives 1000 exp, 700 exp from learning 2 D-rank jutsu and 1 C-rank, plus 3000 from flashback, bringing total Exp gained to 6400)
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PostSubject: Re: A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training]   A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training] Icon_minitimeFri Feb 19, 2016 2:10 am

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A New Anbu Trains [Solo, Flashback, Training]
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