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 Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training)

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Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training) Empty
PostSubject: Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training)   Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2016 8:37 pm


The lessons her mother and father taught her have always served her well, their knack for the natural things always supplying her with a steady foundation upon which she could build her life.  Herbalism was an important trait that had been passed down through her family.  Should she ever find a suitable mate, the skill would continue down the line of her family into the hands of her child.  With her mortar in hand she couldn't help but let her mind drift back to the first days of her apprenticeship.  She was only 6 when she had begun, though her life had already prepared her for it.

Each night, it seemed, her parents would quiz her.  They laid sticks and leaves on the dinner table in front of her, and asked her to identify them.  She got most of them wrong at first, though those nightly lessons helped her gain the skills she would need to blossom into the herbalist she would one day become.  In her early years she was still so innocent.  Her first sacrifice was years away, her first kill even further still.  In her small voice she watched with wide eyed wonder as her parents went down the list, a list they knew from rote.  She mimicked them when asked, pointing at the bundles of fresh and dried leaves alike to recite their purposes, and uses.

Basil, she said, always first and most common.  It was good for adding a savory note to dinner, but had more mystical uses as well.  Attracts abundance, and wealth.

White Thistle.  It's for balancing, taking away bad energy.

Flax.  It's for healing.  Her parents gave her a look of slight disapproval, but she would continue on.  It.. good for cleaning.  It stops infection.

Pine needles.  Can brew into tea if no other food is around.  Also, the sap makes good glue.

Red Thistle.  Can use for good protection.  Blessed flowers will keep you safe from evil spirits.

Sage.  White Sage. She corrects with a proud little smile.  The look of their daughter's face as she worked through her lessons always brought a sense of joy to their hearts.  Purfication.  Purfi..  pure-i-fi-kay-shin..  Burn and the smoke will make bad spirits go away.  Can also attract good spirits.

Mandrik.. Man.. Mandrake.. root.  Its really good, should always have on hand.  Can make any medicine stronger.

Juniper.  Is berry you don't eat.  Can use it for protection.  Also, can crush it and burn it to help give back more chakra, she says happily, nodding slowly as she does.  Esha was always proud of herself, she was a fast learner.  The basics were something she picked up very easily, and as she went over the list of herbs each night, her parents would add unknown bits of bark and stick into the challenge.  Each time she would listen well after admitting to her ignorance, and her parents would fill her in and let her know what they did.

She grew quickly in her knowledge, and soon it turned from simple cataloging of recipes to actual tool use and application of her growing knowledge.  She was introduced to a whole new world of possibility when she finally had her catalog memorized.  New words, new ideas, all new tools to fill her nights with unending lessons.  Her parents were very good teachers, very patient and very caring.  Odd that they were also both bloodthirsty monsters in the eye of most of civilized society, but even wolves dote upon their young.

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PostSubject: Re: Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training)   Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training) Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2016 11:57 pm


By the time she was 13 years old Esha's parents had already considered her an adult.  She had made her first sacrifice to the great mother, an act which was both heart breaking and liberating.  She had slain that which she loved, even if it was only a small mouse that had been her pet for the two previous years.  Mice did not live long, it was doomed to perish sooner or later, but she had used her own knife to slay the small critter and spill its blood on the heated stoned of a fire.  The blood hissed and popped, fizzling away quicker than it could dry, and releasing its essence into a thin grey smoke that drifted skywards and vanished.  It was an odd thing to have a child do, perhaps, but the symbolism was not lost on her then, and it was not lost on her now.  In order to get, we must give.  The more that is given, the more that is received.

Her mastery of the basics of herbalism had helped her blossom into a very bright girl, and she was already growing into an adult body that would turn heads when she passed by.  They could not have been more pleased with her progress, but still felt the need to push her, to test her, and to refine all of her talents.  In some ways they saw her as soft, as too gentle for a life in nature, but they also saw her will to succeed.  Both of her parents constantly tested her ability to move, to fight, and to defend herself.  She excelled at the latter, however on the offense she never seemed to move in for the kill as readily as either of her parents.  Of course, she was still young, but she was lacking a thirst for blood that would set her apart and above the mundane masses of self styled shinobi that thought the world was their toy to be played with.  While they were correct, they were also incorrect.  Esha was simply more subtle.

She had been working with poisons for some time, and discovered a wide array of plants that could cause both terrible pain and incredible distraction to those dosed even lightly by the effects.  More so than her parents, Herbalism was something Esha took very seriously.  It was her favorite past time, and after being gifted with her first mortar and pestle, her first mixing bowls, her first cooking pot and the rest of her tools, she delved as deeply as she could into the fine art of herbology.  

Because of her interest in the properties of plants, her parents both did all they could to help her specialize.  They taught her every medical jutsu they could think of.  They kept her in constant practice, even went so far as to poison the girl, to test her ability to overcome, to put her skills to practice while under stress.  Of course, they were controlled tests, neither of them wanted to place their only child in any real danger, but the world was a deadly place for those unprepared or unwilling to kill to defend themselves.  Esha was neither of those things, she just had a more subtle way of going about it.  While her parents prefered tooth and nail,  Esha savored a well mixed potion, longed for the release of life sapping vapors, and quietly developed her own mix of poisons and drugs to ensure that her enemies met their eventual end as surely as a sword through their heart would have.

There was more to herbalism, however, than just the concocting of poisons and euphoric intoxicants.  While those were among her favorite things to make, she was quite adept at mixing potions by rote which had been used by her family for generations.  Potions to cure the poisons she loves, and potions to heal wounds that could otherwise prove fatal.  She was an accomplished medic even at a young age, and her gifts with herbalism only reinforced and exponentially increased her usefulness on and off of the field of battle.  Had she been born in the depths of a village she could never have raised to the level of understand she had with her natural world, but they would have been remissed to have lost such an accomplished, dedicated, and potent healer.

The basic potion she had learned for healing simple wounds was one that she was required to practice constantly.  Creation of the draught did more than just refine her skill.  It built up a surplus of this vital potion which her parents were keen to use in their day to day battle against the evils found within the wild places.  Be they corrupted animals, destructive bijuu, or the ever constant threat from so called civilized man, there was never a shortage in the enemies of nature to be battled.  The process was not simple.  It was time consuming and required a keen eye for measurements and timing.

It began, as most herbalism recipes did, with meditation and ritual purification.  Herbalism was a mystic art more than it was a science, and in creating the varied products required a calm and centered spirit, as well as a spirit not clouded by the unfortunate ravages of human emotion.  Creating a healing salve with a heart full of anger would color the final product, and pollute its essence and effect with anger instead of stoic peace.

The Ingredients were as follow, and must be gathered and processed with care.
One liter of purified and blessed water.
Three sprigs Rosemary
One large handful of Bloodwort
One handful of Trefoil
Four to six blueberries
Five drops of blood
The tools required are as follows.
Mortar and Pestle
Clean, moistened cheesecloth
Cooking pot
Stirring stick
Glass vessel for storage
Wax for sealing
Purified and blessed knife

This potion is best mixed at noon, beneath the rays of the sun.

The first step is always the simplest, and yet also the most exhaustion.  Take the  rosemary, bloodwort, and trefoil into your mortar and grind them until they are reduced to a thick paste.  The bloodwort will give off a terrible smell during this process, so it is best not to breath the fumes directly.  Remove any sticks and stems from the mixture to ensure a smooth consistency, and drain off the excess liquids.  Once the mixture is at the correct consistence, scrape all of it into the cooking pot and add two thirds of the water.  Place atop a fire and bring to a full boil.  Allow the mixture to boil until it has reduced by three fourths while stirring constantly.  This takes about fifteen minutes. Once reduced add five drops of blood from a purified body.

Once the mixture is again reduced it should resemble a blackened paste which is both very thick and extremely pungent.  Remove from heat and add half of the remaining water.  Stir to mix.  Once mixed scrape contents into cheesecloth and squeeze liquids back into the mortar.  Add blueberries, to sweeten the final product and muddle with pestle.  Strain mixture through cheesecloth once more into the glass vessel.  Seal with cork and wax, as contact with air will quickly degrade this potion.  Final result is about ¼ cup of liquid with a strong earthy taste and pungent smell.  

This potion was one that Esha perfected at a young age, and one her parents made much use of.  Its potent smell was something that could send noses as sensitive as her mother's fleeing once the vial was opened, but even she got used to the grotesque stench because of the potent healing effects of the potion.  Once quaffed the potion worked quickly, empowering and enhancing the body's natural regenerative properties.  Over the course of only a few seconds, weeks of natural healing knit closed wounds, replenished lost blood, and often times a suppressed the appetite do to it's terrible taste.    

This potion was only the first she mastered, and only a single example from the myriad possible concoctions designed specifically to heal the body, increase regenerative rates, or just kill pain while the body healed itself.  She mastered this one because it was easiest to make in bulk, scaling up the materials to craft ten or fifteen potions in a single day to keep the family store of restoratives always full in case of times of emergency.  Her parents always kept of brewing these restoratives, however they were not her passion.  They were base, they were practice, they were the bread and butter of the herbalist's trade, but they were not a fine wine, a refined dish, or the succulent bliss of desert.  They were run of the mill, and tedious in Esha's eyes.

She harvested different plants when she was left to her own devices.  Flowers were among her favored clippings, not only for their color but for the astringent chemicals they contained.  Poppies of all colors were her favorite, but hemlock and nightshade, angle's trumpet and the flowers of certain small cacti were always secreted away into her hidden stores.  As time passed she played and tested, tinkered and toyed with different ways to extract affects.  She boiled the pulp, she refined the natural nectars.  She made attempts at fermentation, mixing mead from the resulting fluids and carefully harvested honey.  All her attempts were done with careful supervision, for her parents never dissuaded her from exploring new paths of medicine or poison.  Her test subject was most often herself, not only giving her a penchant for intoxication to this day, but also helping her build up a natural resistance to the poisons she preferred.  When her mind soared her parents only laughed, and when her body seized and convulsed they used their own medicine to save her.

It was a tricky balancing act then, and even to her adult years it still is today.  The process of trial and error ever influenced her choices, often times allowing her own clones to test the effects of new mixtures, or letting them play guardian while she explored the limits of her own sanity herself.  She could ask no others.  When her parents left her, they left her and did not return.  She was not abandoned, but children leaving the nest was simply a part of nature.  At fifteen years old she was cast out and forced to make her own way.  It was something the took to naturally, finding a new copse of trees to live with, new animal friends to spend her time with, and a whole new world of natural herb gardens just waiting to be plucked and pruned for addition to her growing herb supply.  The skills she picked up at such a young age have continued to serve her to this day, and some of her potions even fetch quite a handsome price.


[exit] Claiming 1,000xp for 1,500wc, 3,000 xp for flashback. 4,000 times 3 = 12,000 xp.

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Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training) VPcCKYL
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Coming of age as an Herbalist (Flashback, Training)
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