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 The Aftermath: An unexpected Savior | Summoning Contract | WIP

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PostSubject: The Aftermath: An unexpected Savior | Summoning Contract | WIP   The Aftermath: An unexpected Savior | Summoning Contract | WIP Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2016 5:08 am


"To appreciate heaven well it is good for a man to have some fifteen minutes of hell."

he ocean wailed with rage as it's anger swelled monstrous waves, displaying it's displeasure with the world. It's waters bubbled and frothed as he each monstrous wave crashed upon the apparent wreckage of Ships, wood splintered and debris grew wings as they soared to touch the clouds above only to shower the oceans surface with each rumble of its waves once again. The ocean raged on, it's cries echoed across the once were battlefield as it fought for its freedom from the grip of a monster. A monster that called the ocean its domain, it's battlefield, its home.

The wreckage that surrounded the area showed displays of destruction and a thick stench of death now plagued the surrounding waters. The bodies of the deceased scattered throughout the oceans embrace floating among the countless debris of corroded wood from the husks of the ships that had previously  sailed upon these waters, any remainder of evidence that men once voyaged on these very boats were gone, no more than debris drifting with the oceans pull. As the oceans rage calmed a silence weighed heavily upon the area as if all the life had been sucked clean. Long tentacles submerged beneath the water as if taunting any to dare defy the creature again, taunting the dead to rise once more so he may erode their existence into nothing more than dust on the wind. The creature known as the Five tailed Krakken had caused Armageddon to come early for the men and woman who's lifeless bodies now polluted the ocean. It was a long and hard battle that was fought for the sake of a Village, Hyouzangakure and the end result was abundantly clear... Hyouzangakure had lost in their lust for the power of a Bijuu. Countless lives had been taken in the attempt to subdue the prize that all Villages wanted and at what cost did this come at?.

Believing all life had been taken from those who threatened his life The Krakken dove deep to the ocean floor, leaving in his wake a tale of Destruction, Defeat and Death. By the smallest of chances a single life still remained, perhaps it was purely luck or fate had other plans for this man. The body of the man slowly sunk to the oceans floor, darkness would surround him as his consciousness evaded him. He had been falling for what felt like a lifetime as the oceans current threatened to finish the job the Krakken had not.. and so the man simply floated, a peculiar calmness surrounding him as he awaited his death. Did death truly await the man who's body floated limply, drifting with the ocean's pull. The man known as Futushi Senju awaited judgement from Death himself, he was prepared to die for the sake of peace, this moment he found himself in was like Hell, death would be a kindness and as time drifted on Futushi came ever closer to the verges of death.

It's the truth when people state that when one is on death's door their lives flash before their eyes, once Futushi found this notion nonsense but as he floated within the sea's embrace he found himself a believer as his own memories appeared before him.

* * * * * *

"Futa do you really believe such an idiotic response will let you off the hook?" -- Look how beautiful she is even when she's scolding me for doing something stupid. -- "I don't care if he was going to sell you two cats for the price of one, what in your right mind possessed you to come home with six of the beasts when I sent you to the store for a simple bottle of milk? I... I knew this would happen, you never could follow simple orders. What are we going to do with six Kittens?" -- The sound of her voice when she's mad is so seductive.. meow... Senju, Futushi, a Jounin of some renoun within the Land of Ice and Snow and the Hidden Village of Hyouzangakure sat on his knees opposite from the woman he called Wife. The woman Hoseki Yuki stood before him fist raised as she bellowed into his face in annoyance as she regarded the small box now currently on the kitchen table to her right. An echo of meowing could be heard coming from the small box as six small kittens watched the situation before them with an innocent amusement. As if trying to persuade Hoseki to forgive his stupidity Futushi raised his two hands to his chin in a cat like motion and began to pout his bottom lip, mimicking the motions of the kittens that now watched Futushi with a sense of disapproval "Oh but my Ice Queen, look at how content they are with just being in our presence. Don't you see how cute they are, besides we can" -- Futushi began making Ninja cat motions as he spoke "train them to be Ninja Kittens and take them on missions with us. Wouldn't that be something you'd like ~ Nyaah" Hoseki leaned back as she regarded the Kittens once more, a look of laughter crossed her face as she turned back toward her husband who, was now trying to lick her feet, slowly making his way up her leg toward --


"FUTUSHI SUSANOWO SENJU! YOU DEVIOUS LITTLE MAN. This is one cat you're not getting Today.. it seems to me you have enough cats to occupy yourself for one day right over there on the table" Hoseki would say before dismissing herself from the room in a dramatic huff.

* * * * * *

A smirk would spread across Futushi's face

Who could truly contemplate a talking turtle?.

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The Aftermath: An unexpected Savior | Summoning Contract | WIP
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