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恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  FlPA3wp

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 恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -

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恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  Empty
PostSubject: 恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -    恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2016 9:46 pm

恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  COSeYIc

[December 5th, 1120. Deep in the mountains]

Slipping out from the warmth of the pale-green bathwater and back into the frigid mountain air, Kagami held back a sneeze. The moon was still high in the night sky, its pale shafts of light catching against her soft pale skin as she dried herself with a soft cloth offered by her Kitsune companion. As if by magic, every bruise, every knick, every bit of dirt and grime had slipped from the kunoichi’s slender body. She stood there in awe of the Fox’s power, looking over every inch of herself.

A seductive giggle slipped from the fox’s painted lips. “Don’t worry your chakra should be restored as well.” She slid back into her lavish silk kimono layers.

Kagami stared down at her long slender legs. Every scar, every blemish, every mark had vanished. She ran a hand over her smooth shins. It was as if every injury she had ever sustained had been ripped from her body. it felt incredible.

“Sometimes I forget how fragile you humans can be. It looks like I may have overdid it.”

“I-I don’t know what to say.” Kagami fumbled for her words.

“Then say nothing, girl. Hurry and get dressed so we can go.”

The fox was right. Kagami slid back into her damaged gear, tied her dark Obi and gathered what little supplies she still carried. It wasn’t long ago that the two of them had been at each other’s throats. Quite literally. But now, with the strength to wield her sharingan once more, she knew in her gut that this Fox wasn’t her enemy. So long as she kept the glowing orb safely by her side, she could count on her aid.

Together, the two women leapt up the the stone walls of the cave, their feet glowing with chakra as they ran vertically up towards the moonlit mouth.

Kagami’s body felt lighter than ever, her chakra brimming and pulsing with renewed vigour. She leapt through the gap in the rocks and landed in the snow of the mountainside. She gazed out over the frigid landscape, the jagged rock, the blowing snowdrifts and the indigo night sky.

“So… are you just going to sniff out his trail?” Kagami called back to her companion as she emerged from the cavern.

The fox turned up her nose and straightened the folds of her dress sharply, muttering to herself. “Of all the - No. Nothing so crude.”

Glowing blue flame flickered into existence all around her, hovering in mid air like ghostly lanterns. It was the first time Kagami had seen the kitsunebi with her own eyes.

The kunoichi stood still, in silent awe. She watched as the fox’s red hair fluttered in a wind only she could feel, her pale, beautiful skin illuminated by the dancing flames.

She held her hands out in front of her, and in the space between her palms, another glowing ball of spectral fire emerged, pulsing brighter than the others. It slowly hovered forwards, drifting around in the air like a dog pacing with its nose to the ground. Finally, it picked a course and as if carried on an ethereal wind, drifted off along the mountainside.

She leapt off into the snow, following the glow of her spell. Her sandals landed on the rocks with a dull clack. She turned to Kagami once more. “If you want to find him you better keep up, human.”

* * * * *

The bounded through mountain snow, following the lead of the dancing blue flame. Even though her chakra was restored, Kagami struggled to keep up with the fox, who despite the long trailing cloth of her kimono somehow managed to effortlessly hop between snow drift and step from rock to rock. Her flowing sleeves fluttered behind her as she ran with a grace no mortal woman could muster.

Out of nowhere, the Fox threw her voice behind her. “So… is this your son? Your brother?”

“…No… but its someone’s…”

“Then why do you care? You don’t smell like you’re from these parts, why are you so incessant on finding him?”

“Of course I care! I… I just do. Now keep going.”

The fox scoffed to herself. “Well then you’re either the bravest or the stupidest human I’ve ever seen, wandering into the mountains at night, after the meaningless life of a child still young enough to be at the mercy of the gods.”

“What do you know! You're not even human, so how could you understand us, butt the hell out!”

The fox stopped in her tracks, perching motionlessness atop a rock too steep for a normal person to stand on. “Know nothing about humans? Me?” She turned to face him.

Kagami, stopping to avoid stumbling in to her, raised her head, ready to yell once more, but was rendered speechless.

Her eyes, a blue more striking than the crisp autumn sky, glistened with tears. Her soft lips twisted with hate as she stared down at the girl. “My clan lived in these lands for centuries, only to be hunted by your kind. Don’t tell me I know nothing of the twisted machinations of you humans.”

Kagami tried opening his mouth to protest but her words caught in her throat.

“You humans, who would cling so desperately to your hollow seat of power even if it meant plunging these lands into civil war. You humans who would, without a second thought, kill one another to the last man in the name of what, honour? Don’t make me laugh. Your kind makes me sick.”

The night air once more lay still. Tears streaked down the face of the Fox, looking down at the speechless kunoich, her contempt burning a hole in Kagami’s chest.

She cast her gaze skyward, staring longingly at the moon. “…But how could a shinobi like you care for the life of a Fox. All you care about is your petty reward and empty titles adorning the name of your house.”

Her words dug deeply into Kagami’s heart, tears weighing heavily on her eyes, pulling them down to the moonlit snow.

“I’m not just some sword for hire…. so don’t lump me with bastards like that…” She spoke softly at first, but as the words left her mouth, she felt she could no longer hold her emotions in check. “And don’t think that you’re the only one who’s lost something! I held my little brother in my arms as he died. I've stared into the flames of war and watched as nearly everyone I cared for burned to ash, so don’t lecture me on loss, Fox!”

The girls’s tear-filled words echoed into the night, bringing the fox-woman’s eyes down upon her once more. The contempt lining her gaze was replaced with a look of reluctant understanding. She opened her mouth to speak, but hesitated.

“And I know the boy has probably long frozen… or worse, but I can’t just sit by and let him die like this without doing something!”

The woman turned away, back towards the swaying fox-fire, awaiting its master. “… Saving this boy won’t bring back your brother you know…”

“I know that! I—”

“It wasn’t your fault… that they died…” Her words were flat, but for the first time, Kagami felt a subtle sense of compassion from the mysterious Fox.

She continued walking ahead, not waiting for the kunoichi to follow.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

They moved in silence for quite some time, going deeper and deeper into the mountains. The terrain grew more treacherous, and Kagami kept wondering what would have possessed the boy to have gone so deep into the forest alone. In the distance, spanning a chasm too deep for the moon’s light to pierce, extended a decrepit rope-bridge.

“Monks once walked this path to a shrine not far from here. They abandoned it not long ago… when the mononoke started growing restless.”

Kagami landed nearby and reached out and tugged at the rope. It was old, but seemed secure. She peered over the edge once more, before gingerly stepping onto the swaying wooden planks.

Already many paces ahead of him, the fox-woman turned. “Whats that matter, human, afraid of heights?”

She scowled. “I have a name you know. Kagami, Uchiha Kagami.”

“Good for you, Uchiha Kagami-chan. Now keep up if you want to make it to the shrine before sunrise. The boy you seek has undoubtedly found his way there.” Her eyes looked forward across the bridge into the forest. Her brow furrowed with concern.

“Why would he go all the way there on his own? How even? How could a little boy—”

“He’s been possessed, theres no question about it. Why, I don’t know, but if we don’t hurry, it may be too late.”

Kagami gritted her teeth and doubled her pace. She looked silently down at endless darkness below. Her hands tightened around the ropes suspended across the chasm. “So, what do I call you anyway?”

The fox raised an eyebrow, tilted her head and looked back at him, her wooden sandals finding the soft snow at the other side of the bridge with ease.

“A name. Surely you have one, right? I’ve told you mine, whats yours”

The woman laughed. “Of course I have one. Whats it to you?”

Having kept her eyes fixed on the swaying planks for balance, the kunoichi looked up at her, surprise written across her face. “To me? nothing, its just… I don't want to keep calling you ‘Fox’, that’s all.”

“And if I refuse to tell you? Will you threaten me with the destruction of my hoshi no tama?” The woman turned fully, arms flung down at her sides.

“Threaten you? What? No! …Look, I just want to know who you are, what’s so wrong about that?”

Again, she laughed. “A human, wanting to know me? Now thats a laugh… All you need to know is that my kind was once loved by the humans of these floating islands, but because we were too… naive, there are few of us left!”

“… Thats…”

“What? ‘Thats so sad?’ Don’t make me laugh. I don’t want your pity. That’s the cold hard truth. I’m a monster and I live alone in the mountains so I can be free of the scorn of your kind.”

“I don’t think you’re a monster…” Kagami’s voice rang through the air, its softness catching the woman off guard. “I don't think you're a monster…”

She opened her mouth to scorn the girl but stopped as her cheeks reddened with a familiar, embarrassing warmth.

“A woman with eyes like yours can’t be a monster… I mean… you’re not human, that’s true, but a monster… no, you’re too kind for that.”

She turned from the girl. Kind. A word she had only heard, never spoken. Her world was cruel, unforgiving and cold. There was no way she could be described as kind. No way. She moved towards the forest.

“But in any case, your name. What is—”

Barely able to finish her sentence, Kagami's’s foot pressed down against a loose board and in an instant, her leg plunged through the bridge, her weight pulling her down through the gaping hole.

Frantically, he cried out, arms flailing, grabbing for the ropes, but her fingers merely grazed the surface. She fell.

She felt a weightless sensation, a rush of wind, and the sinking fear that she was about to die. Her eyes jammed shut.

She felt a sharp tug and the familiar sensation of fingers, tight like steel wrapped around her hand. She opened her eyes, and above her, gripping the planks with a clawed hand was the woman. Through gritted teeth, she strained to support Kagami’s weight, doing her best to keep her claws from digging into her flesh.

Kagami was in shock. The beautiful pale face of her guide, always so cold and distant, contorted as she strained herself to pull him up.

“Are you just going to… hang there, or are you going to… pull yourself up?” She groaned through gritted teeth.

Kagami narrowed her eyes, threw her free arm up to hers, wrapping her fingers around her wrist and pulled with all her might.

Together, after a painfully slow moment, they fell back onto the bridge, lying next to each other, panting.

Kagami wrapped her hands around the ropes and carefully lifted herself to her feet, still in shock that not only moments ago, she could have fallen to his death, but more so that the fox-woman was there to save her. “I-I… thanks… you saved—”

“Please. I only saved you because you have my jewel. Thats all.” She stepped back over the bridge, not looking back as she spoke.

Kagami followed quickly, bending over and resting on her knees once her feet felt the comfort of solid ground.

“Its Tamako… by the way.”

Kagami looked up, eyes resting on her long flowing hair, darker than the night sky, as it rested on the elegant silk of her kimono.

“My name, that is.”

Again, even if just for a moment, Kagami felt a glimmer of humanity in her voice. A gentle hint of fragility, like a snowflake perched on a finger, ready to melt at any moment.

“Now be quick about it, sunrise can’t be far off, and the shrine is just through here.”

* * * * *

恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  AJ8dX90

Shielding her face from the lashing winds, Kagami squinted ahead. The shrine the fox had mentioned earlier was certainly bigger than he had imagined. Steps of rough-hewn stone poked out through the mountainside, snow gathering in the recesses. The facade of the shrine was carved out of the mountain-side, a simple rectangular opening flanked by ornate carvings that looked as ancient as the mountains themselves. Dark pock-marks marred the rocks as if the mountain itself were afflicted by some kind of malignant disease.

Tamako pushed past her, not wasting any time. “Make haste, the boy is inside the main building of the shrine. I can sense his presence.” The kitsune’s sandals gingerly padding across the soft snow, and with a single graceful motion, she took to the air, leaping up the stone steps with ease.

Kagami watched in awe as her kimono seemed to hang in mid air, fluttering gently in the wind as she leapt through the air. Her body straightened, and with the moon perched behind her, casting its subtle glow over the ears resting atop her head, she once again was captivated by the fox’s beauty.

Tamako turned and held out a hand, beckoning Kagami to follow.

Standing in the middle of the wide stone courtyard, Tamako watched her flame flutter off in the direction of the stone doorway, and immediately, with a wave of her hand, dismissed it. “Be on your guard, something isn’t right about this place…”

Kagami’s sharingan lit up her vision with a familiar shade of crimson. They had come this far together, she wasn’t going to let herself be killed now.  

The two companions slipped through the stone entranceway, the rock smooth and worn from ages past.

Kagami strained her eyes, peering into the darkness of what looked more like a career than any shrine she had ever seen. She tried to tread lightly, but each passing footfall scraped against the gritty earthen floor.

Acknowledging their need for light, Tamako lit a single kitsunebi, keeping it hovering above her open palm like a lantern.

There, kneeling as if locked in prayer at the other side of the room sat a young boy, his clothing slightly tattered and his feet still dirty, no doubt from traversing the mountain paths.

Kagami, overcome with joy cried out to him, and ran ahead, eager to scoop him up and be free of this place.

Tamako, catching a foul scent on the air, paused. Her ears twitched and she could feel the fur on her tail stand on end. Something was wrong.

She leapt forward, grabbing Kagami by the collar of her white kimono dress, yanking the girl backwards. “Watch out! There’s danger!”

Falling backwards at the perfect time, a thin, almost invisible thread shot out, imbedding itself in the dirt where she stood only a moment ago.

“W-what’s going on…” The girl’s eyes grew wide. The closer he looked at the boy across from him, the more she noticed them. Thin, web-like strands, snaking all across his body, trailing up towards the ceiling.

The pair looked up into the darkness of the cavern ceiling, and even though the bluish glow of the fox-fire held in the woman’s hand barely reached, they could see the faint, inhuman movements of a beast with many legs.

A monstrous hiss filled their ears, and with a gust of foul air circling through the room, the stone entrance way shimmered with a foul haze, the moonlight streaming through the gap starting to refract as if blocked by murky water. They were trapped.

They could hear the sickeningly gentle sounds of hundreds of tiny feet scurrying all around them, and looking frantically from side to side, they saw the tiny black forms of hundred of spiders crawling down, circling, closing in around them.

“On your feet! Quickly!” Tamako spun so her back faced Kagami’s, not waiting for the girl to rise from the floor. She extended her claws, and in an instant, the air around her became filled with sputtering blue orbs of fire.

Kagami leapt to her feet, letting her crimson eyes sweep across the hoard of black shapes carpeting the room.

Closing her eyes and whispering arcane words her companion could barely hear, the fox whipped her hands from left to right, raking the air with her claws. Her beautiful silk sleeves fluttering behind her, drawing a continuous wave of cloth around her body.

Obeying her command, the wisps shot out in a wide arc in front of her, slamming into the walls, erupting in a shower of sputtering blue flames. They incinerated any spider they touched, but there were simply too many to keep up with.

Kagami followed suit, weaving hand seals before breathing a swath of orange fire into the depth of the cave. She watched thin silken strands sputter with flame and evaporate, and her ears were filled with the hiss of death. But as soon as the flames cleared, the shifting black mass defended once more. There was no end to them.

It was hopeless. The young kunoichi knew this, and despite the efforts of her companion to clear away the beasts that surrounded them, there was little she could do. Steeling her courage, Kagami charged headfirst through the room.

Ignoring the shifting, crawling wave that carpeted the floor, she leapt straight for the boy. If she could just cut him free, they could break through the door, or force their way though a crack somewhere. Something, anything was better than being eaten alive by wave after wave of spider!

She crushed countless underfoot, but countless more began crawling up her legs, biting into her flesh. She winced but refused to slow, and with a wide sweeping motion, she whipped a kunai through the air, severed the strands above the boy’s head.

Like a puppet free from its master’s grasp, the boy slumped down to the floor, scooped up into Kagami’s arm. He was limp, but from what she could tell, still lived.

“I've got her, we need to hurry! Find a way out!” She dashed over to the stone doorway and slammed up against the sickening purple haze that filled it. Her shoulder impacted solid air, refusing to budge. It was no use.

Seeing the endless wave of spiders shifting direction towards her companion, Tamako cursed loudly, and slammed her palms together in front of her. Crying out in a language Kagami assumed only known to kitsune, she threw he arms apart, and a tidal wave of blue flames swept the ground, crashing against the wall where he stood.

The screech of dying spider was painfully audible, but miraculously, the flames that washed over the girl’s body were painless. She noticed the spiders latched firmly onto her clothing sputter into cinders and fall harmlessly to the ground around her.

The woman, smiling through the corner of her mouth, collapsed onto one knee. Her palm braced her body against her knee, raven hair falling in front of her face. “That… should do it.” Her voice was weak with exhaustion. Her magic seemed to take a toll on her body.

Kagami ran towards her, cradling the limp boy in her arms. But before she could make it to the centre of the room, a sinister cackle filled the air.

“To think that my babies would be taken care of so easily… I misjudged you, kitsune.”

The kunoichi paused and threw her head left and right, searching for the noise.

Through clenched teeth, Tamako spat “Kagami! Above you!”

And in that moment, before she had a chance to react, a white strand flew like an arrow, slamming into the girl’s shoulder. It clung to her body right though the cloth of her dress like a barbed hook, and with a sharp tug, she was sent flying through the air, careening into the stone wall they had entered through.

Her body went numb, her head smacking hard against the cold stone. The boy slid from her arms, and her broken body crumpled in a heap against the wall.

The fox-woman cried out as she saw Kagami fly through the air, stretching an arm out futilely trying to catch her from where she struggled to catch her breath. She cursed and looked up, watching as the ceiling seemed to shift, and a colossal spider lowered itself from the rafters.

“Silly me, silly me. Oh well, I won’t make the same mistake twice.” The spider’s words grated on the woman’s ears. It’s high-pitch chattering was barely intelligible, through the eager movements of its hairy mandibles.

It stood taller than any man, wider than any cart, its legs as thick as tree trunks and its large black eyes the size of a human head. It laughed, moving slowly towards the defenceless fox.

With a groan, Kagami forced his eyes open. She tried to move, but the pain in his side caused her to cry out. This time her ribs must have snapped. She clawed a hand at the frozen earth, watching the beast slide across the floor towards the woman. Her voice was weak and hoarse, and every word rasped from her damaged lungs. “T…Tamako! Run!”

The beast had thrown her hard enough to shatter the ancient stone of the cavern wall. Kagami poured chakra as rapidly as she could, pushing it to her limbs and forcing herself to stand. Through gritted teeth, Kagami rose to her feet.

“Poor, poor boy. He prayed to the kami of the mountains, thinking they would keep his village safe from the flames of war… Its so sweet I could almost shed a tear.” The spider drew up over its prey, its mandibles furiously fidgeting, able to taste the flesh of the woman kneeling before it.

“Luring it into my web was all too easy, all too easy. But to think that you would come to my nest and interfere with my dinner, foolish, foolish fox!” The spider raised a gargantuan limb and slammed it down over the back of its prey. She collapsed under its weight, howling in pain.

“You should have left well enough alone, yes you should have. I’ll make sure to take my time and enjoy feasting on your bones!”

Enthralled by its prey, the spider failed to notice Kagami’s hunched form as she rose off the ground.

She raised both hands over her head, and gritting through the stabbing pain in her ribs, moulded fire and wind elemental chakra. She could feel a familiar heat rise up within her. The pulse of her heart, the warmth of her Father, the grip of her determination - the fire that burned within her. She felt the cool winds blowing from the East on a spring day as a little girl, the soothing scent of the flowers growing in the hedges near her home. Chakra poured out from her palms, balling up in front of her and casting a brilliant light through the cavern.

By the time the spider had noticed the light, it was too late.

“Shakuton: Masenko!!!” With a piercing cry, the girl thrust her hands forward, sending a brilliant lance of scorching heat straight through one of the bulbous black eyes of the beast, causing it to reel backwards in shrieking agony.

The scent of burning flesh and boiling blood spilled out through the shrine. The beast fell backwards, buckling under its own weight, slamming into the rear wall, freeing the fox from under its grasp.

Tamako looked up at the shape of her companion, bent over her, hand on her shoulder, tugging at her kimono.

“Tamako, Tamako! Come on, snap out of it! We need to go!” Kagami’s voice sounded distant, and her body felt weak beyond belief.

Before she had time to raise her head, the spider was upon them. Flailing its limbs at the kunoichi once more, she was unable to duck under the blow, and was knocked backwards. She let out a gasp as the wind left her body. She bounced against the floor and blood seeped through the folds of her kimono.

Tamako’s eyes slowly began to focus on the blurred shape of her companion. She could smell the blood seeping out of her body and slipping through the cracks of cavern floor. She could hear her breath grow faint and finally stop. Her eyes grew wide, she slipped onto all fours and once more, as if caught in a gust of ethereal wind, her fox-like hair fluttered around her slumped form.

With a thundering shriek, the colossal spider that loomed over the fallen body of the fox was blown back by an invisible wave of force. It scrambled to regain its balance, but before it had a chance to react, the woman had already begun to move.

Her blue eyes streaked with tears. The shrieks and mingled curses of the spider fell on deaf ears. All she could hear was Kagami’s soft voice through the night air. “…You’re too kind for that…”

With a howl, she raked her claws through the air in front of the spider, in a wide arc all the way down to the floorboards. Blue glowing flame tore through its rank flesh and shattered the wood, sending a shower of splinters in all directions.

Paying the rips and tears in her clothing no heed, Tamako continued her rampage, swinging wildly, left, right, up, down. She was going to kill the beast, no matter what. Her head filled with rage, her eyes constantly seeing flashes of that idiot of a girl. The uncharacteristically gentle smile that spread across her face as they talked, the look of fear in her eyes as he dangled from the bridge. The steely resolution burning inside her as she leapt after the young boy.

She was going to kill it. No matter what.

I’m dead. The only though left in Kagami’s head as she felt the last breath escape her lips. She could feel her heart stop beating, and in a moment of infinite stillness, she closed his eyes. So this was how he was going to meet her end…

She tried to smile and give a greeting to her brother, to her teammates, and father. She was coming to see them, but the only image that she could conjure to mind was the piercing blue stare of the fox woman. The only name that could escape her lips was Tamako. The liquid-smooth feeling of her silk kimono, the soft tenderness of her lips, and the glistening tears that fell from her cheeks, betraying her strong facade, revealing her humanity.

She, feeling her existence in a world of endless white, curled into a ball.

She was going to die, she was going to die having brought Tamako with her. She was going to let another person die while powerless to do anything about it. Regret washed over her in a wave of tears.

As her mind began to slip, and the world became foggy, she felt a warm, calming sensation coming from inside the fold of her dress. Moving her limbs, she reached in and pulled out the orb she had taken from her companion earlier that night, the hoshi no tama.

There, amidst the endless white, she could feel the glow of the orb pulse outwards, engulfing her, filling her with a radiant warmth. She could feel breath enter his lungs and a hammering in her chest. She could feel sensation return to her body, and slowly, the white receded and she was greeted by the stench of death and the sounds of battle.

From the corner where Kagami lay, the glowing of the orb streaked outwards, its rays piercing the shadows in even the highest corners of the room.

The spider shrieked, pushing back its assailant and covering its eyes.

Tamako spun towards it, holding a sleeve up to shield herself. “The hoshi no tama… Kagami!”

Pulled to her feet by unseen strings, the girl regained consciousness. She put a hand over her ribs that once lay broken, but felt no pain. The wound that stained her kimono had vanished.

“Tamako!” Her roar reverberated through the room, her feet sliding into a wide stance, renewed energy coursing through her veins.

“Right!” Her companion regained her composure, and with a fierce howl, threw herself against the spider once more. Her claws met its hairy tree-trunk legs, digging into its flesh.

Her feet, one missing its ornate wooden sandal, dug into the earthen floor, the rocks cracking and giving way under the force of the battle raging on.

Through gritted teeth, and with a surge of renewed strength behind her, the fox heaved the spider backwards, pushing it off balance, exposing its soft underbelly. “Kagami, now!”

Pouring everything she had into a single attack, Kagami cupped her palms together. The beating of her heart pounded like the crashing of waves on the shore, the cool sea breeze, the salt-kissed winds, her memories of training with her brother under the waterfall - everything poured out into her hands, and in a torrent of water, formed a massive orb of chakra. Pulling her arms back to her hip, she focused her energy. Her sharingan caught the belly of the spider in its crosshairs. “Suiton: Ogame Shogekiha!!!”

Kagami thrust her arms forward, pushing the massive orb of water at her target, it springing to life in a massive blast of water taking the shape of a great turtle-dragon. The ground beneath her feat shattered, and she felt her body sink into the earth with the force of her attack.

In an instant, the colossal blast collided with the beast, the Turtle’s jaws crashing down on its abdomen with a thundering crunch.

The spider’s piercing cry was deafening, but unfazed, Kagami met it with a war cry of her own, not letting up the stream of water, slowly but surely rending the flesh of the spider, gutting it, and finally silencing its foul voice once and for all.

As the last painful sound left the beast’s lips, its limbs curled in towards its body violently, and with a shudder, a wave of human skulls poured from its open wound.

Kagami grinned weakly. “What did I tell you… Piece of cake…” She slumped down to one knee.

* * * * *

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恐るべき土蜘蛛め!カガミとたまこの決戦。Fearsom Mountain Spider! Kagami and Tamako's decisive battle. -  GHDO4XG
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