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狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.  FlPA3wp

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 狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.

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狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.  Empty
PostSubject: 狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.    狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.  Icon_minitimeWed Feb 03, 2016 1:27 pm

狐と共に神隠し、山の中に見失ったうちは。Spirited away in the arms of a Fox.  Johnavon_mountain

[May 18th, 1119. Deep in the mountains]

A poet had once called the Sokenzan Mountains the bridge to heaven. Its peaks reached so high, some say you can reach out and touch the stars. That if you travel deep enough into the mountain range, you would find the rift between this world and the next. She knew these were just stories, but the young newly-appointed Jonin forged ahead, deeper and deeper into the barren peaks, already a day’s journey past the hidden Untaidake Monastery.

Kagami ran her fingers along the frost-touched cliff face that wove its path through the pass. A cruel wind curled around her legs as she crunched through snow as old as the very rocks themselves. She knew these parts of the Sokenzan well and was able to avoid its most deadly traps. She stepped over loose rocks and patches of hidden ice that littered the ground as easily as if she were gliding through a field of lilies.

It was still early in the night, the moon hidden behind snow-capped mountain peaks. Kagami leapt up a sheer cliff of ice, easily running along its mirror-smooth surface, approaching the clearing she sought.

Standing in the middle of a lake at the base of a frozen waterfall, Kagami tossed her thick canvas rucksack against a nearby snowbank and slid the crimson haori jacket from her shoulders, following it and placing it with her things. The mountain air was cruel, biting deeply into her soft pale flesh. A small price to pay. The girl inhaled deeply, closed her eyes, and stretched.

Slowly, she began to hear the full melody of the mountains. The cry of the wind. The whisper of snow. Every so often the howl of wolves, suddenly and haunting. These were the first sounds into Kagami's ears, the sounds of nature, yet gradually they faded into the background as stranger noises replaced them.

Kagami heard the moaning of voices—kami of dead humans lost and wandering amidst their frozen graves--rise to drown out the sounds of the mountain. She was sure these voices were nothing her ears should be able to detect, yet they rose nonetheless whenever she chose to focus on them. Few of the words were intelligible, but she sensed the emotions driving those ghostly moans--vengeance, or sorrow, or sometimes nothing more than lost, pitiful confusion.

As her focus deepened, even the specters’ cries slowly faded. A third melody rose then, wholly unnatural, apart from the world rather than part of it. Shrieks of tortured animals, incomprehensible gibbering of a thousand voices speaking at once, and bubbling gurgles of someone drowning in quicksand all surrounded the Uchiha girl. These were the eerie mutterings of kami who made the Sokenzan their home, she sensed; they were the reason for her meditation.

The dark noises of the kami swirled around Kagami in currents and eddies. At first they were nothing more than a murmur. Murmur became tumult, tugging urgently at her mind. Tumult grew to cacophony, screaming in her ears, threatening to rip her sanity to shreds. She braced herself against the onslaught of unnatural sound, using her soul to search for what she sought there. After several frantic moments, she had found it--a silent, peaceful eye to the storm of the kami’s rage. The cacophony remained, swirling and pounding at the muted sphere she wrapped around herself, yet Kagami focused only on the silence. In that silence lay the knowledge she sought.

As she touched the cocoon of silence with her mind, she surrendered to unseen forces, and her body began to move. Her left foot slid sideways in the soft snow drift, scraping against the frozen rock beneath. Her other foot slid forward. Body weight shifted. Soon arms moved, along with the rest of her body. Alone at night in the Sokenzan, Kagami danced as if on invisible puppet strings within her silent bubble of meditation.

She danced for hours in that silence, guided from beyond. Kagami believed herself one of the most skilled ninja of the clan, most adept with the crimson eyes that were her birthright yet her prowess was not given by mortal sensei. When she could manage it, she returned to this clearing, the place where she found she could most surrender herself to her training. Years ago, the fragmented whispers of ghosts and kami caught adrift in the mountain wind that only Kagami heard could hear had offered little to the mind of a tortured girl. Somehow, that she could hear them at all was a comfort, albeit a small one. It was not long, though, before she found herself searching for something more than comfort amidst the unnatural babbling, some pattern in the song of the kami.

When she first found the pocket of silence, the place where her mind was not flayed by loathsome doubt or visions of regret, Kagami began to change. She became noticeably faster and stronger after these meditations, more proficient with her weapons. Already her abilities outstripped what she could have learned at her age from a hundred teachers. These skills had ensured not only her sanity, but her survival. Kagami had heard from her Sensei that the Sokenzan mountains were the domain of the kami. That the spirits of dead villagers drift up and get lost in the peaks on their way to heaven. That there amidst the frigid snow-drifts, the voices of a thousand souls cry out in agony and frustration. She thought he was full of shit.  

The jonin slowed her movements, then stopped. The sounds of the kami faded as if dropped into a deep well. For a few moments, the phantom voices replaced them, yet those too quickly ebbed. Soon she was surrounded only by the howling winds, and the heavy sound of her own breathing.

Kagami straightened. Despite the luminescence of the snow, the moon was plainly visible overhead, a pale white disc. It was midnight, or near enough, and time for her to move.

* * * * *

[December 5th, 1120. Deep in the mountains]

The sun had just dipped below the snow-capped mountain peaks dotting the horizon. The winds were starting to pick up, and from the way the clouds were moving, it looked like a storm was brewing. Raising her head from the frozen earth, Kagami brought a hand to her chin, wiping away the snow. She winced slightly, feeling a sharp pain in her side. The fall had been worse than he thought. Her crimson sharingan strained to find a way to climb the sheer wall of ice she had just tumbled down, but even if she weren’t hindered by the dark of night, the young girl knew it would be no use. She hadn’t broken anything, despite the many hundred of meters she fell, reinforcing her body with more chakra than most ninja could muster on a good day. Normally, she would have sought comfort in this, but the more she tried to get her bearings, the more she came to realize she was hopelessly lost. She had come to train in these mountains for years now, but even she knew that once you stray from the mountain pass, your fate lies in the hands of the Kami of Sokenzan. Fucking fantastic.  

Forcing her legs to move, braced against the slick wall of cerulean ice steady, she lifted her ragged form to her feet. Perhaps it was her good fortune that despite the gathering clouds, the night sky was clear enough to allow the tender light of the moon to poke through the towering spires of rock and ice that seemed to stretch on for miles all around her, but the constant howl of wind on rock, and the unmistakably otherworldly cries of beasts Kagami had once thought lived only in the nightmares of man did little to calm her racing heart. She no longer walked the realm of man, but was hopelessly lost in the domain of the spirits.

Kagami shook her head vigorously. Now wasn’t the time to lament. She needed to find her way back to the path, find that idiot of a boy, and get the hell out of these woods.

Not far off in the distance, the moonlight revealed a small opening in the cliffside. Her eyes strained to peer off into the darkness to no avail. Approaching the opening, she could feel a warmth drifting from somewhere deep within. Kagami chewed on her lip. If she could rest and recover her chakra, she might be able to scale the cliffside. But if she took too long… Cursing inwardly, she slipped inside the cave.

Following a narrow snaking path, Kagami noticed a long shaft of moonlight beaming down through the darkness. Emerging from the tunnel, she found herself standing in a massive cavern, its ceiling hundred s of meters high, and ahead, in its centre was a pool of steaming water. A hot spring!? This deep in the mountains?

She had been walking through the Sokenzan mountain pass well before sunset, but only upon hearing the gentle whispers of the steaming water did she realize just how weary she had become. Practically collapsing on all fours, she greedily scooped the water with both hands, drinking deeply until forced to gasp for air. In the dim light of the moon, bent over the subterranean pool, water dripping from her nose and the tips of her unkempt hair, Kagami was greeted by her reflection. Crimson eyes, weary beyond her years, stared back from below the surface of the water. Her white sleeveless kimono torn and frayed at the edges, her jacket long discarded, gaping holes in her gloves and stockings. She was a mess. She looked more like a mountain hermit than a kunoichi. The sight that greeted her brought a wry smile to her lips.

With little warning, in the distance, Kagami heard the splash of water, and without giving it a moment’s thought, pulled a kunai to the ready. She squinted into the thick steam in the direction of the sound, but saw nothing. It was the deep splash of something being submerged, rather than the shallow sound of footsteps. Was the village boy who had been foolish enough to wander away from his mother up ahead?

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

She rose from her crouch and stepped closer, letting her eyes wander the rocky cavern. Finally, her eyes fell on a large rock at the edge of the water, where draped over it was the fine silk kazami kimono of a lady. She hurried over to it, and ran her hand over the fine embroidered cloth, draped out neatly across the surface. Not far were fine wooden sandals, and laid on smaller rocks the other layers of her dress. This was the outfit of a grown woman, a noble lady, not the rough-spun clothes of the village boy she sought.

Before she could turn away, a sudden ripple from the pond made the kunoichi jump back.She spun to the water and there, standing with her legs half submerged at the edge of the pool was a woman. Kagami's eyes traced her slender form from her thighs up to her hips, her arms crossed over her chest, her hair cascading over her shoulders. Unsure if it was the gentle moonlight or the shimmering reflection of the water, but the milky whiteness of her skin and the the way her silky black hair draped over her soft shoulders left the Uchiha girl speechless.

She let her gaze catch the woman’s and in the moment when their eyes met, Kagami felt the weight of her body slip from memory. Eyes blue like the sky, pale like the misty mornings of early winter, met her gaze, looking through her, looking into her, looking at her in a way that could only be described as otherworldly.

Kagami tried to say something, to apologize, or to explain why she was standing over the woman’s clothing, or at the very least ask her about the boy she sought, but her head was engulfed by a stupefying fog. No sound left her lips.

Unable to look away, she watched the moonlit woman lower her arms and slowly, seductively, move towards her. One step at a time, she slid from the water, gliding across ground until she stood inches away.

Kagami tried to step back but her feet refused to budge. It was as if her mind were detached from her body. A chill permeated her consciousness, a sinking feeling as she stared deep into the chilling eyes of the pale woman. Was she caught in a genjutsu? Impossible. There was no chakra emanating from the woman, no seals made, nothing, just her haunting gaze.

She felt her soul sinking deeper into the woman’s gaze, the piercing blue of her irises pulling her in, pulling her under. She felt as if she was drowning.

And then, right before her eyes, she watched as the woman’s form began to shift. Perched atop her raven black hair, long ears with matching fur, poking out from behind her a luscious black tail, tipped white, and from the tips of her long slender fingers grew claws. Her eyes betrayed her bestial nature masked by the beauty of her human form. She had the eyes of a predator. She was a kitsune.

Her hand extended and brushed against Kagami’s cheek. Her skin was soft, softer than anything the girl had ever felt. Her touch sent a wave of pleasure through Kagami’s body. Were she not bound by some unseen force she surely would have been overcome.

The fox’s slender hand caressed her face, slipping her hand down the back of Kagami’s neck, drawing her face closer, whispering in her ear. “Don’t worry. It’ll be over quickly.”

Perhaps death at the hands of a beautiful woman would prove satisfying to some, but not to Kagami. She wasn’t ready to die yet, not here, not at the hands of this… monster. She screamed at the top of her lungs, cursed and battered her frozen legs. But her form remained motionless, trapped by the gaze of the fox.

Every fibre of her being screamed in frustration, in agony, straining her nerves to feel something, anything. She watched hopelessly as the woman raised a clawed hand, level with her stomach, poised to puncture her flesh.

Backed into a corner, helpless before the beast, Kagami summoned all of her remaining chakra and mustered whatever courage was left in her. She roared and pushed her body forward, urging anything to move, anything at all.

Kagami’s fingers began to twitch. She could feel the faintest of sensations returning.

The fox’s brilliantly blue eyes narrowed, her claws tightened around the back of her neck, keeping the Uchiha girl in place.

In one swift, excruciatingly painful motion, Kagami was able to force herself free of the Fox’ spell, her nerves burning under the strain, her body feeling as if it were being torn apart at the seams. Her arm shot out uncontrollably, striking the woman before she could react.

Stunned, she gritted her teeth, the blow sending her stumbling backwards.

With the fox’s concentration broken, Kagami felt sensation surge through her body once more. She spun and dashed off to the cave entrance as fast as her weary legs would carry her.

She had moved not five paces before her foot slipped on the hem of one of the many kimono layers, laid across the rocks. The ground rushed up to towards her face, and in an instant she found herself on all fours. Her body felt so weak. Her chakra was almost entirely gone.

Her kunai had fallen from her grasp, and in the darkness of the cave she scrambled to find it. Her fingers clawed at the ground, striking against the stone and earth, but finding nothing.

She  turned onto his back, seeing her assailant’s pale naked form closing on her, claws catching the shimmering moonlight.

“Now, now. Where do you think you’re going?” Her silken voice sent a chill down his spine. She arched her back, ready to pounce.

Kagami threw her arm out into the darkness. Her blade had to be there, it just had to be. She was too weak to use her fists, but with a blade she might stand a chance. She felt her hand wrap around something firm. A rock? Pulling it close she brought it between them.

In the pale light of the moon, the raven haired fox, and the beaten kunoichi stood frozen, if but for a moment. Clutched in kagami’s hand was a small glowing orb, no bigger than an apple. Like the moon, it gave off a pale glow. Its smooth surface was cool to the touch.

The fox’s eye’s widened. Her arms lowered, her body stunned. And then in an instant, a boiling rage erupted from within. She snarled, revealing the sharp canine teeth behind her soft lips, and in a furor, leapt at Kagami.

Desperately, Kagami rolled out of the way, keeping hold of the ball in her right hand, kicking the ground with all his might, fighting to stand. Her foot struck something. A familiar metallic clatter echoed off the rocks.

Her assailant, drew up from the ground, her anger far from subsided, her ears pulled back as she poised to strike once more.

But before she could leap, the Kagami twirled the short steel of her kunai around her fingers, the six-inch blade filling the space between them.

The Fox growled and snapped at her, looking more beast than woman by the second.

To Kagami, their eyes were locked for what felt like an eternity. She knew not what she held, or why the fox suddenly flew into a fit of rage, but she knew that one wrong move would mean death for either of them. The night air grew still.

Slowly, the fox’s fangs receded and her bestial growls formed words in her seductive silken voice. “Give me the orb, and I might let you live.”

“Silence!” Her voice sounded much weaker than she had hoped. It took everything he had to keep it from wavering. “You… you’re in no place to bargain, Fox.”

She raised the tip of his knife, moving it in line with the Fox’s neck. “I meant you no harm, but you’re forcing my hand.”

“You tread far from where you belong, human. Your words won’t fool me. I’ve lived among your kind long enough to know the darkness that infects your heart.” Her voice dropped, every syllable filled with hatred.

“I-I’m just looking for a young boy from the village to the south of here, that’s all.” Kagami didn’t know why he was bothering to explain herself. She knew the woman was a fox. She knew her words were lined with lies and deceit. She knew the woman meant to kill her. And yet, her form, fierce and untamed as it may be, betrayed a softness under the glow of the moon. The kunoichi knew the woman before her was far from human, but through the lens of her crimson sharingan, kagami couldn’t help but feel that this was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

“This is your last warning, human. Give me the orb or die where you stand!” Her claws inched forward, her tail tensed behind her.

“Stay back! Or i’ll destroy it. Don’t think I won’t! I’ll crush it underfoot before your feet even leave the ground!” Kagami no longer knew what she was saying. Her mouth just seemed to move on its own. She was bluffing. She hoped he was bluffing. She hoped the fear in her voice had gone unnoticed.

The fox looked unconvinced, but at the same time, Kagami could have sworn a bead of sweat trickled down her pale skin. She hesitated.

“Like I said, I’ve only come to find a lost boy from the village to the south… I don’t want to kill you, Fox.”

“…Give me the orb and I’ll help you find him.”

“Help me find him. Then I’ll give you the orb.”

The fox cursed inwardly, her eyes fixated on the glowing ball clenched in Kagami's hand. Slowly, she relaxed her body and stood straight, claws retracted, eyes fixed in a cold stare.

Kagami hesitated, but slowly lowered her weapon, still unsure whether she could trust the fox or not. She stood silent but finally spoke once more. “I-in any case, those are your clothes right? How long are you going to stand there naked…” It was freezing in the ice-cave. The warm steam wafting from the hot spring did little to dull the sharp chill of the mountain air, but Kagami could feel a distinct heat creeping up to her ears.

Turning away violently, arms retracted to her chest, the fox glared at the kunoichi and shifted off towards her now scattered garments. Her eyes never left Kagami as she slid into her kosode, its white fabric almost matching her skin.

With an elegant motion, she shrugged the thick red silk kazami kimono over her shoulders, and flipped her long black hair out behind her. Now, standing clothed with the shimmering reflection of the water dancing across her features, it was unmistakable. She was unlike any woman Kagami had ever seen.

Not bothering to hide her fox-like features, the woman turned to Kagami once more, and looked her over with her eyes. A sense of disbelief, that she had been extorted by a girl who looked little more than a beggar was painfully apparent. “So… are all human’s this slack-jawed?” Her tone was as blunt as a hammer. If her claws couldn't cut her, she would ensure her words more than made up for it.

Scowling, Kagami slid the orb into the fold of her dress, keeping it close to her heart, just in case. “For one assuming the guise of a noble lady, you sure don’t sound like one.”

“And for a shinobi wielding a blade… if you can call it that, you seem to be awfully spineless. Now hurry up and tell me what it is you want. Or do you intend on torturing me with your company?”

“I’m looking for a young boy, he’s about this tall.” She lowered her free hand, gesturing above the ground. “He was travelling with a caravan not far from here before sundown.”

“Well then he’s dead. Its that simple.” The fox interjected before the girl could finish speaking. “Give me my orb.”

“No! I won’t accept that. We have to find him, he can’t have gotten far.”

“We no longer live in a time of peace, people die. Get over it. All you humans care about is your name and your pride, even if your hands are steeped in blood. A few less of you and the world would be better off—”

“Shut up! He can’t be dead… I won’t let that happen, I won’t…” Kagami, too worked up to notice the tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, reached out and grabbed the woman by the wrist.

She raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to protest but was silenced.

“If you ever want to see your precious orb again, you’ll help me find the boy, do you hear me?”

Kagami’s raised voice echoed through the cavern, leaving them in a silence only broken by the gentle bubbling of the pond, and the whistle of the wind in the distance.

“…Fine, I’ll find him, but don’t blame me if the wolves found him first…” The fox looked away, not wanting to meet the girl’s desperate gaze. “…or will you insist on keeping me restrained like this?” She tugged at her wrist, still clutched tightly in Kagami’s hand.

Forgotten that she still held her, Kagami slowly let the fox’s wrist slip from her fingers, doing her best to reel in her emotions.

She turned and started walking towards the pool and kneeling before it, dipped her clawed hand beneath its surface. S powerful ripple pulsed outward across the shimmering surface, the water’s colour shifting to a pale green.

Kagami reached out towards her, still holding her kunai in her other hand. “H…how do I know I can trust you?”

The fox turned and smirked. “You don’t, human.” She ran her slender hands up to the folds of her kimono and in one smooth motion, shed the layers of silk once more. She dipped a toe back into the pond, testing the temperature. A warm smile spread across her face and she slid back into the steamy waters.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” Kagami stammered, her ears growing hotter at the sight of the fox’s naked shape.

“Get in.” The woman’s voice was clear as a bell, silken and seductive.

“Wh-what do you mean get in!? We have to find the boy! I don’t -“

“Your chakra is dangerously low!” The fox’s voice echoed through the cavern, her tone more beast than woman once more.

Kagami’s words were cut from the air.

The fox-woman sighed and slid up against a rock opposite the dumb-founded kunoichi, staring at her, her ample chest barely submerged in the water. “I’ve enchanted the water with my chakra. The only way back out of the ravine is through that hole up there.” She raised a claw to the hole in the ceiling. “And there’s no way you’re climbing out of here like that.”

Kagami looked down silently at her torn clothing. Her limbs were covered in scared and bruises, her hair was tangled, and her chakra system was ragged.

“No undress and get in here. Or give me the orb and be on your way.”

Kagami paused. She knew what she had to do. She knew the fox was right. And yet she hesitated. She could feel her heart quicken in her chest. Her weary hands fumbled with her Obi. It was common in the village to bathe in public, and Kagami had been undressed in far more intimate situations before, but the beating of her heart caused her to pause. She let her eyes linger on the slender face of the fox for longer than they should.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite.” The fox cooed

The rustle of clothing filled the air. Her kimono fell in a heap at her feet. And with a splash, kagami slid into the hot spring.

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