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 Beyond Electric Dreams (Flashback, Training)

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PostSubject: Beyond Electric Dreams (Flashback, Training)   Beyond Electric Dreams   (Flashback, Training) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2016 1:06 am


The rain was falling in thick, windblown sheets from the darkened sky above, jagged forks of lightning providing only momentary flashes of brilliance to light the night.  Between the flashes it returned to absolute black, a blinding blanket of clouds preventing star and moonlight from filtering to the ground below.  The howling wind of the storm consumed words that were shouted above the downpour, allowing the voices of those trapped within it to carry only a few feet before being over powered by the wind, rain, and thunder.  

AKANE!! came the long loud cry, a panicked voice cutting through the storm with equal measures of horror and desperation.  The voice belonged to a man, Saru Satoru, a shinobi from the Land of Storm.  He was a tall man, and well muscled, though above all his mind was his strongest asset.  He had a talent for  strategy, for long term planning, and for entrapment.  None of that seemed obvious on the outside, like so many others from the land ravaged by nature's fury he had a brutish look.  Of all six feet of him, most was clad in padded armor of leather.  Like his daughter he had eyes of ice blue, and hair as white as virgin snow.  His skin was darker, touched by the sun too often and too long.

Akane's voice did not answer back, the maelstrom of wind stealing Satoru's voice before it could reach her ears.  While the rain poured around her, her mind was set only on the small bundle clutched in her arms.  The wall of chains around her marked her as Uzumaki, and she bore their clan traits without error.  Her hair, though now heavy, dark, and clinging to her face, was typically long and straight and colored a shade of red that could make a sunset jealous.  When a breeze caught the long threads they would flicker and wave like silk made of a blazing fire.  Her eyes were a softer red, and seemed to stand in subtle contrast to the pale skin covering her shapely form.  She was a beautiful woman, one normally covered by fine silks, jewels, and ornamentation common among women born in a high class, and influential clan.

The third human present was the main focus of both of their attention.  Saya was barely a year old, and her mother was protecting her as well as she could.  Wrapped in blue cloth she was warm and dry, strangely peaceful for the scene around her, but above all she was safe.  It was no small feat for most to escape the all consuming power of a tornado, but the thick, chakra infused chains of the Uzumaki clan could withstand nearly any force.  Trees were uprooted by the violent winds, but within the protected dome of chakra and chain, not even the rain would land upon the mother and child.  Akane was near tears and low on chakra, but she had not given up.

The bundle in her arms was small, quiet, and somehow fast asleep during these terrifying events.  Above them a massive bird was soaring between the clouds, absorbing flashes of lightning like a metal rod, and focusing terrifying blasts of raiton downwards.  Within the dome both were protected, but outside of it her husband was still fighting.  Above him flew the great Thunderbird, a bijuu of infamous power and the fury of the storm.  It's great wings took up almost as much space as the thunderclouds that it soared through.  It was an enormous beast, and one known to fly in storms across all the lands.  The Bijuu of the eight tails was a known force to be fled from, and there were few who dared to stand up to it's wrath.  To do so was certain death for all but the most talented and most stalwart of shinobi, and even then it was not without its risk.

The tornado finally passed, the cacophony of wind and flying debris fading as it did, but it was not the first.  It was not the last, each beat of the great beasts wings creating massive gusts that seemed to bring with them a static charge and volley of lightning bolts.  Even in its passing it can not be said that the storm abated, or that it's fury lessened, but for the moment things were at the very least calmer.  With each pulse of lightning, with each moment of brilliance, Satoru could at least see the dome of metal chains and shimmering chakra in the distance.  The Eight Tails was no fool, and had quickly estimated which of the shinobi posed the most threat.  Satoru had been doing most of the aggressive fighting, but most Bijuu knew well to avoid the Uzumaki.  It was not death that the Bijuu feared, but the prospect of spending the life time of some miserable human bound within them and unable to fly free among the storm clouds.

Lightning wasn't able to penetrate the dome Akane had created, but that defense would not last forever.  For now, however, it protected both his wife, and the daughter they had decided to bind the bijuu within.  Satoru was quick to act as the ability to fight through the storm returned.  His hands were a blur as he wove through a short burst of handseals, then placed both his palms against the ground.  Immediately a narrow pillar of earth began to grow beneath him, shooting him at amazing speeds higher and higher into the air.  When it reached it's full height he was well above the battlefield, but the Bijuu was still higher.  He lept higher still, and as he did he placed one hand near his mouth and took a deep breath.

The rain stood no chance against the billowing flames that were produced, a narrow jet forming at first but being fed by the gusting wind in the storm.  The dragon flame jutsu shot upwards towards the great bijuu, and when it struck it managed to singe both feathers and flesh alike.  The great beast bellowed its displeasure in a great screach of pain and rage, and turned in its course to assault the man.  That single jutsu could have melted the flesh off a human's bones, could have scorched a tree to a smoking stump or wilted metal like soft leaves exposed to heat, but against the great bijuu it did little but upset the bird.

Satoru was already preparing another jutsu as gravity finally took hold and started drawing him back down towards the ground.  It might have seemed like suicide, but there was something at play that Thunderbird had not noticed.  From the great bird's eyes a torrent of blazing blue lightning crackled forth, jagged and sharp forks of power splitting the darkness and lightning the ninja like the noon day sun as it engulfed around him, and scorched him both inside and out.  It was enough to preempt the jutsu he was forming, and enough to cause the physical body to pop in a puff of quickly dispersed smoke.  The clone was gone, but it had done it's job.

A trio of arrows cut through the storm next, the Bijuu's attack drawing it down low enough to put it within range of Satoru's long bow.  All three arrows struck home, then each one erupted into a small detonation as the explosive tags attached to each were activated.  The detonation did not last long, and no sooner had the explosions torn a few large feathers free then Thunderbird swooped onwards and refocused his attention on the real Satoru.  Once more screeched a long and loud high pitched call as it swept lower, it's eyes blazing with power before unleashing a pair of focused beams of crackling blue white energy.  They were not lightning bolts, they were focused beams, fast moving lasers of storm release chakra that could split a man in half before he even felt pain.

Satoru was fast, however, and as the beams came in, he ducked and vanished in almost an instant.  The bird flew skywards once more, retaking his place among the rumbling storm clouds and letting lightning once more strike it, and crackle through it's feathers.  Bursts of storm chakra once more rain down upon the great dome of chakra and chains, attempting to slay the one actually capable of sealing it within a human.  It could have simply fled, a smarter beast might have done so, but Thunderbird was filled with pride, honor, and nobility.  To flee from such miniscule creatures would only bring shame to the great name of Thunderbird.  Even if one was an Uzumaki, the Eight Tails had never known fear of the small creatures called humans.

As it circled over head, determined to lay waste to the two interlopers below, Satoru and Akane both regrouped beneath the protective dome of Akane's Uzumaki chains.  Satoru entered through the muddy earth itself, digging up from his Mole Hiding jutsu to rejoin his wife once more.  Her mood changed once laying eyes upon him.  Even she had not been fully prepared for the power and fury of the eight tails.  Satoru was still in good health.  For all the Thunderbird's wrath it had yet to deal more than superficial damage to his powerful frame of dense muscle and light armor.  In less than the time it took to gasp in relief he was beside Akane, and embracing both her and the child with ideas for both love and protection.

“I am so sorry, my love, I had not meant for us to get separated.  The bijuu is stronger than I had expected, but it will take more than it's power to pull me away from my family.”

Shh shh, no words.  We do not have time, Akane whispered back, the protective dome finally allowing for enough space to speak in more normal tones.  We must finish what we came here for, this storm is quickly depleting my chakra

Thunderbird is weakening, I can see it in his flight.  Each strike of lightning draws out more and more of his power.  I have seen him come so low now, that many of my jutsu can reach him from the ground.  We are close, Akane, we are very close now.

Satoru's eyes move to his daughter as he speaks.  They were doing this all for her, all to see that their only child would find power and glory in her life.  Though Satoru had been born in the land of storms, he had given himself fully to Joki for the sake of his wife.  Saya was a strange sight, her hair not quite as white as her father's.  Instead it was the feintest of pinks, lighter than rose petals; though that soft tint was fading from her tresses with each year.  It was clear she'd inherited most of her father's appearance.  She was too young to tell if any of her mother's special bloodline had manifested within her, though time would eventually tell it did not.  She was too much her father.  Though he came from no famous clan, he was powerful, determined, and wise.

It was meant to be.  Just look at her, sleeping so peacefully in this storm.  I can tell that she will tame this bijuu.  Her and the storm will be one.  When she is grown, she will have more power than either of us Akane continued if the same soft tones, all the while gently pushing strands of that pink hair out of Saya's face.

There was a moment of silence between the two as both remembered why they were here, and why they were going to such lengths to combat this vastly powerful bird.  It wasn't only for themselves, not even for their daughter, but for the security of Joki.  Thunderbird was known to be noble, a bijuu without malice, but it also took no life into consideration while raining power and destruction below it as the powerful storm drifted from nation to nation.  It was not malicious, it was simply the wrath of nature made manifest, and it killed from a place of callous neutrality.  It was simply heedless to the needs and lives of such inferior things as humans, trees, and anything else caught in it's storm.

Prepare the altar, we do not have much time.  Soon we will have to remove your chains.  I will draw it down lower and lower, and then you must be the one to capture it.  Your chakra chains will be the only thing that we can use to hold this beast in place, and draw it into the seal once we are ready.

I know.  I know, I am ready.

Akane had always been a gentle soul, though it never prevented her from doing her duty.  She had slain many enemies, but justified it as anyone else would when protecting their family from violent enemies.

Good.  I am going back out there.  I will continue to distract it with clones, and weaken it with flames.  We're only a few minutes away.  When you are ready, release your dome and I will draw it down once more.  We won't get a second chance, once Thunderbird knows that you are ready to engage, I have no doubt that it will return to the sky and attempt to destroy us from as long of a range as possible.

Akane only nods to Satoru, then gets to her feet.  She sets Saya down carefully, her warm blanket settling some in the mud.  The child was in no danger while Akane was present, but once the dome came down it would be difficult for all three of them.

Outside of the dome the great raptor was still circling, still gliding among the storm clouds.  Brilliant eyes of blue-white power shone like a pair of small stars as it soared between cracks of lightning.  Three copies of Saturo crept quietly from within the earth once more, and each dispersed.  He was adept at the Kage Bunshin, it had long been one of his favorite jutsu.  A single clone remained near where it had come up, and lifted its voice once more.

Thunderbird, he shouted as loudly as he could.  Already the wind and rain were stealing the volume from his words, but the bijuu could hear him as clear as day.  I am here!  Come and let us end this!

The great beast was happy to oblige, swooping down below the clouds once more, and strafing the ground with terrible bolts of overcharged lightning.  It rent a pair of trenches through the ground, spraying up mud and stone alike as it tried to once again fry the tiny adversary that had been bothering it.  The bird was not angry at the two, though the fierce glow of his eye, the rage contained within it's call, and the furious gusts whipped up by its great wings wouldn't have given any hints to it's tranquil mind and calm interior.  Thunderbird was too noble to succumb to rage, and to proud to spit and holler at even the most annoying of opponents.

Saturo leapt aside easily enough, evading the oncoming bolts and preparing to counter attack.  At the same time fire poured from a tree near by, a number of smaller fireballs cutting through wind and storm to impact against the great bijuu's wings and side.  It didn't seem to have much of an effect, but Saturo knew that each jutsu was gradually weakening it.  It swooped up once more, even as another trio of arrows soared from the other flank.

The arrows would miss, a gust of wind forcing them down into the ground as the bijuu rose upwards once more.  It soared for only a moment before again turning towards the ground and spreading both of it's wings wide.  Only a strong updraft of wind kept it aloft as a great charge of energy built within it.  It hung motionless for a moment, and then unleashed a powerful blast the likes of which Satoru had never imagined.  It turned night into day, turned wet into dry, and covered every inch of available space between it and the ground with a wall of lightning so powerful and so thick it split the raindrops as they fell, and boiled the water out of the ground.  It was blindingly bright and encompassed hundreds of meters in all directions.  Two clones burst, and even with his skin hardening technique, Satoru felt the force within that blast.  The rain fell in the moments after, once more soaking the people and battlefield still below the bijuu.

Akane's chains rattled and shook and buckled beneath the onslaught of so much raw power, and finally they failed.  They had taken more punishment than Akane had ever stood up too, but at last even they fell to the sheer enormity of Thunderbird's might.  The Bijuu saw its chance and acted quickly, folding his wings and diving downwards quickly.  It sought to end this fight, destroying the Uzumaki would certainly accomplish that.  Without his partner the fire shinobi would be much easier to deal with.

It's body filled with lightning once more, his eyes glowing hotter and hotter until the light within them burned a pure white.  Thunderbird's beak opened wide, even as the power in its eyes finally overflowed from within and poured outwards.  From mouth and eyes alike beams of incandescent energy blazed forth, again not jagged and uncontrolled forks, but searing hot beams of raw raiton chakra, mixed with suiton to keep it solid, piercing, and strong.  The strength of the last to abilities alone could have dealt devastating damage to an entire village, and the three beams of laser like energy merged to deal an even more devastating blow now.  A canyon appeared as earth melted and vaporized in the face of such potency, and the form that had been standing beneath the dome was engulfed and disintegrated with all the earth and trees around it.  Only a smoking ditch some sixty meters long and ten meters wide and deep was left in the wake of the Thunderbird's attack, and inside it knew its power was beyond that of any human.

Enraged by the sudden attack, Satoru set into rapid motion.  From a tree he lept, soaring up and out above the bijuu as it was rounding its line down and back up for the clouds once more.  As the shinobi was flying a weapon appeared in his hands, a hammer so massive it dwarfed his body and required two of even the strongest arms to wield.  Satoru lands atop the great beast, electricty coarsing through his body even as the oversized war hammer came down and struck the bijuu's left shoulder.  The force of impact surprised the bijuu, the immesurable weight driving it out of the sky and skidding violently through the mud and dirt below.

It was the first time Thunderbird had ever been taken out of flight by a single human, and for the slightest of moments it held a modicum of respect for the tiny animals fighting it.  It didn't surprise Satrou, however, the hammer so large even he could not pick it up once more.  None had ever been able to move from beneath the substantial weight, but no sooner had the bird stopped sliding on the ground that it was once more pushing itself up.

It shook both hammer and shinobi off of its back with seemingly little effort, but Saturo would not let it get away so easily.  He landed in front of the bird and for the first time met its gaze.  Both had burning eyes, Thunderbird's blazing with the same white hot aggression it carried even while soaring through the clouds unharmed.  Satoru's were filled with determination, with the will to fight on in spite of the pain still blazing through his body.  The shock of contacting the bijuu was no surprise, but it'd weakened him greatly.  He brought his hands together even as the bijuu was once more opening its beak.

Saturo breathed fire even as the bijuu screamed once more with a focused beam of raiton.  When the two jutsu met the force engulfed both of them in pouring smoke, flames, and crackling electricity.  The storm itself seemed to stand in still anxiety, the winds allowing the smoke to dissipate and reveal which, if either, had survived the force of impact between the two jutsu.  The smoke lingered a moment, then dispersed with the sudden force of the bijuu dragging both of its lengthy wings upwards.  Lightning silhouetted the two, Thunderbird's body tall and standing proud on both of his clawed feet, while Satoru was slumped forward, hands and knees on the ground and seeming to be finally out of the fight.

You impress me, human, said the bijuu, it's voice rumbling like the quiet roll of distant thunder.  It folded its wings for a moment as it addressed its fallen prey.  Satoru was covered in burns and bleeding wounds.  This was no clone.  You have the fury of the storm, and more determination than I've ever seen in something so small.  You have my respect, but this fight ends here.  The woman is beaten, and now you will join her in the pure lands.

Satoru did not reply, his wounds were severe.  He grit his teeth and clentched his fist through the scorched mud beneath him.  Thunderbird spread his wings once more and took to the sky.  Another song, another beam from its mouth, would end this fight, and Thunderbird preferred to be in the air.  It flapped twice and rose almost one hundred feet, but was jerked suddenly and violently back down towards the ground.

A gleaming chain of shining silver and crackling with the soft blue chakra of the Uzumaki shot forth from a side and wrapped around the bird's left wing.  The force of being pulled jerked the wing down and spun the bird to face Akane as more and more chains snapped forward.  Another chain wrapped around the bird's right ring, another around one of its feet, and the last bound around the bird's neck tightly.  The glow in Thunderbird's eyes died quickly as its chakra was contained by the chains, and Akane finally revealed herself once more.

Akane!, Satoru gasped, life returning to his eyes as his wife was shown to be perfectly unharmed.  Behind her rest a small stone pedestal, an alter with fuuin script alight with a soft glow around it.  The bijuu immediately recognized the sudden danger it was in, and struggled for all its might against the Uzumaki chains now binding it in place.  Soon enough they would be binding it elsewhere.

Don't underestimate an Uzumaki. came the hot reply from the smiling woman, triumph now easily within her grasp.  Satoru remain where he lay, but pain was quickly being replaced by exhilaration and laughter of both joy and accomplishment.  You want to know real power, then get used to wearing the flesh of something so small!  We are made of spirit, and nothing will ever make us quit!

Thunderbird refused to panic or to beg, but it also refused to give up.  Stripped of it's chakra, stripped of it's ability to sway even a single lightning bolt, it had only its bodily strength remaining.  It shook its wings hard, rattling the chains and straining their links, but the chakra between them let the chains hold the bijuu fast.  Inch by inch they began to retract, all the while pulling the bird closer and closer to the still sleeping child atop the altar.

Release me, Human!  I am the Storm!  I am the wrath of these lands, and I will not be contained!  The great beast screeched as it was being drawn forward, resisting with every ounce of its remaining will.  The battle had indeed weakened it, and he was inexorably drawn forward, unable to escape the chains binding it.

The kunoichi smiles as she stood firm, arms spread wide apart and more chains beginning to materialize and pour from her back.  I am Uzumaki Akane, bird.  And you are wrath no more.  This.. she trails off for a moment, setting her eyes on the infant waiting on the altar.  This is Saru Saya..  She is my daughter.  She is our daughter.  She will soon be your home.

A dozen more chains wrapped around the Thunderbird, each one growing in width and thickness until they fully encased the bijuu.  They squeezed tighter and tighter as Akane poured her remaining chakra into them, leaving only enough to activate the seal which would contain the bijuu within the frail form of the baby.  Light was the last thing any of them saw, beams of radiance pouring out from the fuuin script around the altar, covering the shinobi and the chains, the great bird and most of the clearing alike.  By the time it all settled even the storm itself had weakened and the bijuu was gone from sight.

In the hospital of Jokigakure things were much more calm.  Satoru occupied a bed, but he was still able to sit up and hold the small bundle of joy that was his daughter.  The seal on her back was fresh, a spiral of script bordered on top and bottom by four fuuinjutsu marks.  "She is amazing.  So small, and yet now so much rests on her success.  She will be the village's finest shinobi.  We will both see to that.  Saturo is only able to look up to Akane for a moment before shifting his eyes back to the infant.

Only your seal could have allowed for so much of this.  The Eight Trigrams Seal you used is amazing.  Can.. can the Thunderbird harm her?

No, my love, nothing can harm her.  This seal will see to that.  It will allow their chakra to mix, allow Saya to touch his great power, but the bijuu is imprisoned now deep within her heart.  The two are one, and it can no more harm her, and it could harm itself.  Saya is the only one who has control in this relationship.

Amazing.  The Uzumaki are amazing.  Will she have your power?  Your chains, your chakra, your compassion?

Akane smiles softly, gazing upon both her husband and her daugther with more pride and joy than it seemed her heart could contain.  Small tears began to well in her eyes as she leaned forward, placing a kiss first on Satoru's forehead, then another on her daughter's.  That is something the future will tell us.  It is rare in my clan that someone is born with a natural aptitude for our hidden jutsu.  More rare that someone is born with compassion.  With you as her father, however, I think we will teach her.

Together..  we will be sure we bring it light then.. and share with it the warmth of love.  Together.

Yes, dear.  Together.

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Beyond Electric Dreams (Flashback, Training)
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