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 A moonlit Stroll - 2nd Tomoe flashback

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Uchiha Kagami

Uchiha Kagami

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PostSubject: A moonlit Stroll - 2nd Tomoe flashback   A moonlit Stroll - 2nd Tomoe flashback Icon_minitimeSun Jan 17, 2016 3:39 am

The night air was still, its calming tranquility disturbed only by the soft chirping of crickets and the rhythmic thump of the shishi odoshi. Making more noise than she should, kagami slipped open her window, placed a foot on the ledge and leapt out into the nearby trees. She couldn't stay in her room any longer, she needed to get out. Landing gracefully on a large branch, she continued off into the darkness, not concerned with her destination, focused only on the journey itself. Clenching her jaw, she could feel the frustration build up inside. Recklessly leaping ahead, not even stopping to flinch as stray twig and branches scratched against her clothes, she fumed. I don’t believe them!  I can’t put up with this bullshit any longer, I need to get out of here!

Slowly, the village buildings grew sparse, being replaced with increasingly large trees, marking the village boundaries. Were her mind more calm, Kagami would have instantly recognized the dangers that lurked within the forests surrounding Sukagakure, especially at night, for an unarmed Genin such as herself. She was not so lucky.

As the wind whipped at her face, she could feel the familiar warmth of tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Cursing yet again, she angrily rubbed her eyes with her sleeve. Crying, now? What am I, some whiny little princess? Come on, get a hold of yourself! Not bothering to stop running through the trees, Kagami failed to notice a particularly long, sharp branch angled towards her. Without warning, she brushed past it, catching her off balance and causing her to lose her footing.

Falling to one knee, she looked back at the branch, casting it a glare that showed nothing but contempt. She was angry enough to lash out at anything that got in her way. Feeling a familiar pain run straight up her arm, she couldn't help but wince. Clenching her jaw, she clapped her hand over the source, trying to staunch the pain. Beginning to breath heavily, she down at it, assessing the damage. A long rip snaked down her left sleeve, almost dividing it in two. That was the last straw. Drawing up, she ripped it from her arm,  throwing it to the ground with a loud cry of frustration. Her fists tightened and she lashed out, punching the tough bark of the adjacent tree.

* * * * *

“Focus! You don’t have enough focus!” Koichiro called out across the dojo, sitting on the sidelines.

Panting, Kagami shot him a sharp glare. “If you want me to focus so badly, then why don’t you stop distracting me from way over there!” Deep down, she knew he was right, but that just made it all the more annoying. Assuming her position once more, she held her left palm outwards, pulling her right back to her hips, keeping her right leg forwards and sinking into her stance. Squaring off against her opponent, she locked eyes with his, drew a steady breath, and in one motion, shifted her stance, pushed out with her right hand, and cried out. Her palm slammed into the large pad, its thundering crash send echoes through the empty room.

“No good Kagami- you’re still not focused enough!”

Clenching her fists and straightening up, she spun to face her instructor, a vein in her forehead clearly bulging. “Hey, if you’re such an expert why don’t you get over here and do it then, huh!” She yelled defiantly, jerking her chin towards the center of the room.

Sighing, the man shook his head. “Kagami, you should know by now, if you don’t have the proper focus, how will you use your chakra effectively. Your strikes are completely lacking power.”

“I AM focusing god damn it! I’m doing what you’re asking but you’re not making any sense - this is retarded, how is this supposed to make me stronger!? Maybe if I was five, but I’ve already qualified for the Chunin exams now you know, I don’t need to waste time on basic hits like this!” She yelled, throwing her fists down in front of her, clearly reaching her limits.

Nervously, the boy holding the pad opposite Kagami interjected. “Koichiro-san… maybe we should stop here for today. Kagami-sama seems to be -”

“No. When Kagami stops throwing a tantrum like a child, then I will stop treating her like one.” Koichiro replied sternly, rising to his feet.

While he stood at least three heads taller than the young girl, she was never intimidated. Her eyes now starting to fill with tears of anger, she glared at him, refusing to back down. “You want to see focus? Then here, take your focus!” She replied defiantly, her anger dripping from every word. Running in his direction, she lunged forward, putting her entire body behind her attack, thrusting her palm directly at his chest with a booming cry.

Koichiro’s mouth lowered into a frown, effortlessly stepping aside, and with a mere tap, sent his student tumbling past, landing face first against the hard wooden floor. “That was the worst yet. Now hurry up and get back in position, this outburst is unsuited for a lady of the your stature.”

Raising her forehead from the floor, she saw spots form where her tears began to fall, pooling in the cracks between the wood. “Screw this!” She cried, storming out of the dojo towards her room.

She couldn’t stand to be around him any longer. Everything from the look he would give her, to the condescension in his voice was enough to send her over the edge. Focus? How could she focus when all he ever did was tell her she was wrong? Collapsing facedown on the soft tatami covered floor inside her sparsely decorated room, she banged her fist down in anger and cursed loudly. Why did he have to be right…?

* * * * *

Realizing she had become lost in thought, Kagami rose to her feet and gave her head a good shake. She wasn’t going to think about anything even remotely related to her training anymore. This was to clear her head and help her relax, not make her more worked up. Raising her head, she continued into the trees, letting her feet guide her.

The longer she ran, the more lost she became, heading deeper and deeper into the moonlit forest. Coming to a clearing, she paused once more to survey her surroundings. Down below, amidst the underbrush, she could see the moon’s clear reflection in what appeared to be a small pond. Hopping down from her perch in the branches, she moved closer, staring down into the still waters. Looking back at her was the face she almost didn’t recognize. Her hair was tangled and knotted, filled with all manner of leaves and twigs, her clothes soiled and frayed at the edges. Heaving a heavy sigh, she knelt down and dipped her hands into the still pool, savouring the cool refreshing feeling between her fingers. For the first time all night, a smile spread across her tender face. Settling into a more comfortable position, she continued to clean her face and groom her hair. Perhaps she had over-reacted. Maybe she really did need to try and focus more. Drying her face with her remaining sleeve, she stood up slowly, deciding to apologies to Koichiro when she got back, and promising to try harder tomorrow.

Feeling proud of her decision she began to stretch her back, raising an arm over he head and bending backwards. Suddenly, she heard the sharp snap of a twig behind her. Instantly alert, she spun around to see what it was. Nervously she squinted into the darkness, scanning the tree line. Nothing. Heaving a sigh of relief, she closer her eyes. What was she getting so worked up about, there was nothing out there. There it was again. Feeling the hair on the back of her neck stand up, she felt her body become tense. Eyes wide, she raised her hands up closer to her chest, frantically darting her eyes back and forth. This time she knew something was out there, coming for her.

Then in an instant three kunai pierced the foliage, their blades catching the moonlight for only a split second as they cut through the air. It took all the speed the young Genin could muster to dive out of the way in the spit second it took the blades to pierce the air her had had been a moment ago, before sinking into the trunk of a nearby tree.

“Wow… you seriously qualified with a reaction like that?” A familiar voice reached through the night air.

Kagami cursed once more. Why him? Why here? Why now?

A tall blonde ninja stepped out from behind a tree trunk in the direction the blades had come from, arms crossed.

“Hikaru… What the fuck? Did you follow me out here just to pull some shitty sneak-attack or something?” Kagami was in no mood for games. She rose from ground and did her best to brush herself clean.

“I know you made it into the chunin exams… and I know you’re going to be my biggest competition. Everyone is always talking about how the great - the smart - the pretty - the talented, Uchiha Kagami is going to become a Chunin next week…” For as long as Kagami had known him, Hikaru had been petty, rude, and an overall unpleasant sort of guy. But he was never outright hostile. If anything, she had always considered their rivalry to be in good-spirited, even though she hated to think of him like that.

But now, there in the moonlit forest, the resentment plastered across Hikaru’s face was unmistakeable. “Its fucking annoying. So… I’m here to set the record straight. To show all those pathetic sycophants what Uchiha Kagami is really like.”

The young girl’s brow furrowed. “Hikaru, knock it off. This stopped being funny the moment you opened your mouth. Now turn around and walk away.” Enough was enough. Time to shut him down.

“Oho! There is is, the fiery eyed Uchiha that I know! Don’t worry, when its all over I’ll make sure to leave your looks intact. Mostly.” He vanished.
Kagami didn’t even have a chance to react. He was on top of her before she could blink an eye, his fist crashing into her forehead, with enough force to sender her skipping across the dirt, her back colliding with the drunk of an ancient oak. She coughed blood.

What was going on!? What was this asshole trying to pull!? More importantly, what was she doing!? Kagami pounded the ground with her fist and forced herself up onto one knee.

Hikaru reached up to his forehead and adjusted the silver headband adorned with the mark of Sukai. “Whats the matter, Uchiha? If you think you’ve got what it takes… then lets settle it right here… right now.”

Kagami grit her teeth, wiping blood and grim from her cheek. Her battered body fought to stand, screaming at her to back down. She spat blood. “I’m going to make you eat those words, you smug son-of-a-bitch…”

The older boy grinned and flipped a kunai in his hand, lunged forward, and in a split second, vanished once more.

Kagami’s eyes widened, her Sharingan pulling its way to the forefront of her vision. The same trick wasn’t going to work twice. She caught sight of the boy just as his blade inched towards her throat. She raised her own just as the blade caught her skin, pushing it back.

A song of steel rang through the night, as the two bitter rivals danced in moonlight. It wasn’t the first time they had fought, and it certainly wouldn’t be their last, but one thing was certain: Whatever threads of friendship they had shared in the past had been cut. Their battle did little more than damage the forest, scorching the earth and uprooting trees far older than the village itself.

The next day when Kagami awoke, there, staring back at her in the mirror was the familiar red tint of her sharingan, but now, with its second Tomoe.


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A moonlit Stroll - 2nd Tomoe flashback
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