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 Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback

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Uchiha Kagami

Uchiha Kagami

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PostSubject: Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback   Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback Icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2016 3:02 am

Why exactly, Kagami wondered, did she take pleasure in the sensation of her fist pounding against someone’s face? Was it because of all those sleepless nights, skinning her knuckles on the ragged bark of the ancient oak at the back of their family’s villa? Was it because of the nights she had walked past her younger brother’s room, only to hear him sobbing for their father? Was it because she loved and admired the man, that spend so many lazy summer days sitting across the Go board from her, letting her win? Or was it because she hated him? Hated him for what he had done to their mother? Hated him for what he had done to her brother? Hated him for what he had done to her? All she knew, was the exhilarating thrill that coursed through her veins as she felt a tooth break loose as the boy nearly twice her height fell away from her.

“What the hell!? Who does this bitch think she is!? Koji, are you ok bro!?” Two other boys flanking her victim scrambled to his side, yelling over one another. The boy now struggling to sit upright massaged his jaw with his free hand, spitting a tooth into his palm.

Peeking out from behind her, Kagami’s younger sister whimpered, tears still clinging to his cheeks. “Oh…Onee-san… what did you just…”

“Y-You’re going to get it now, shitty excuse for a girl!” The boy on her right, wearing a wide brimmed green hat, a size too big, stammered, still taken aback by what had just happened.

“Y-yeah, when Koji gets up you’re going to regret this!” The boy on the left, who’s pants hung far lower than they should, boasted, trying to act tough.

Kagami smirked. “For all the shit-talk, thats all it took to bring you down? Thats sad.”

The boy named Koji spat in Kagami’s direction. “Piece of shit academy-brat. How dare you lay a hand on me!” He rose and put a hand to his forehead. “We’re Genin! You think you’re going to walk away from here after that!?”

Kagami didn’t move a muscle, her arms crossed over her chest defiantly. Shinji clung to her the hem of her skirt, shrinking further into her shadow. “Onee-san, please stop! If we apologize to them then maybe -“

Kagami ripped away from her brother and spun to face him. “Apologize! To these low-lifes? After what they said about father? About us?” She was smouldering. “You there. Koji? You’ve got it all wrong, the ones who aren’t walking away from here… are you three.”

When asked about that day, Kagami swore she hadn’t meant to kill them, that she was just looking to rough them up for badmouthing her father and picking on her younger brother. But in that moment, not a single one of them, even her ten-year-old brother standing beside her, could mistake the unbelievably strong killing-intent emanating from the twelve-year-old girl. She made the first move.

Breaking into a dash, Kagami tore towards the three Genin, long brown hair flying wildly in her wake.

Green-hat leapt in her way, throwing a wide hook at her head. His fist cut through the air harmlessly, her head already bobbing under his arm. Before he had a chance to react, she countered with a perfectly planted uppercut, landing squarely under his chin. The force of the blow lifted him inches off the ground, Kagami’s fist rocketing straight up in the air as he fell in a heap at her feet.

Very audibly gritting his teeth, Low-pants rushed at her from the side, winding up to kick at her chest.

Shinji, just now realizing what was happening, opened his mouth to scream his sister’s name, as if it might be of some kind of help to her, but was cut silent by the gut-wrenching crunch of bones separating from one another.

Kagami moved in a flash, punching the boy’s knee mid-kick. His leg was blown back, bending at an unmistakable angle in the wrong direction.

The ten-year-old’s ears were assaulted by Low-pant’s howling cries as he writhed in the dirt.

Kagami didn’t even waste a second after her attack. She spun back in the direction of Koji. Only,  as soon as her eyes caught sight of the Genin once more, he had already made his move. He slammed his fist right between her eyes, lingering for a moment before forcing her staggering back.

Kagami’s eyes stung. Her ears were ringing. Her head was pounding. She flailed her arms to regain balance, but as soon as her eyes had reopened, they were met with the sight of Koji’s fists, mercilessly battering her head, arms, chest - anything they could. Kagami fell backwards.

The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. Her eyes stared up into the cloudless sky, completely out of focus. Her view darkened, as what she could only assume was Koji’s shadow washed over her.

The boy panted slightly, clearly running out of breath. He raised a foot over the fallen Uchiha, stomping down ruthlessly on her stomach. Again. And again. And again.

Shinji had seen his sister fight many times, but no matter how close she had come to defeat, he had never heard her scream like this. Her voice was raw. The voice of someone screaming for her life. The ten-year-old clenched his fist.

“LEAVE MY SISTER -“ Shinji scream pierced the air. Koji looked up from the bloody pulp that was Kagami, and spun towards the young boy.

“- ALONE!!” Before the Genin had a chance to react, Shinji had charged in head-first, his skull ramming into the older boy’s ribs. Koji fell off balance.

Kagami raised her head weakly, looking up at her brother, flailing madly with no regard to form or style, simply fighting through instinct.

“You little piece of shit!” Koji roared at the boy, knocking his feeble blows aside before knocking him to the ground with a single strike.

She opened her mouth to scream but her voice was hoarse, her lungs week from the Genin’s onslaught. She watched helplessly as Koji kicked at her brother, unable to defend himself.

Green-hat pulled himself up from the ground, shaking his head and massaging his jaw. “Hey Koji, what should I do with this one?” He jerked his chin in Kagami’s direction.

Koji, kicking her brother long after he had stopped moving, stepped away from his broken body and took a breath. “You know… it would look really bad if people knew we had to get serious with a couple of kids.” He reached into the tan pouch hanging from his belt. And without any hesitation, slid a kunai from its sheath. “Better put them out of their misery.”

Green-hat sighed. “Always the heartless one, eh bro.” He scratched the back of his head casually, whipping his own blade from behind his back and squatting over Kagami. “Shame, you looked like you’d have been a cutie in like five years…”

Kagami felt a wave of terror wash over her. How could this be happening? How could she have let this happen? Was she wrong from the start? Was it her stupidity, her anger, her childish need to lash out, that was going to her get and her brother killed in some back alley by a pair of loser Genin? What the fuck kind of story would that be?

“This is for Kyosuke’s leg.” Green-hat’s voice was cold as ice, utterly unfazed by the act of murder he was inches away from committing.

Time seemed to stand still as Kagami’s eyes lingered on the tip of his kunai. They strained, unblinking, unable to look away. They burned as if they were about to come to a boil. It can’t end like this… I won’t let it. I won’t! Kagami’s head was a blur. Her body moved without thinking, her hand lashing out, grabbing Green-hat’s arm and pulling him off balance. And before the boy could react, Kagami shot up, her forehead crashing into his. He collapsed, letting the blade slip from his hand.

She pushed his body off to the side, quickly grabbing his kunai and standing to face her last opponent.

Koji bit his lip, and taking a step back from Shinji’s motionless form, reached behind his back. In an instant, he whipped three shuriken from his pouch and sent them slicing through the air at Kagami.

Somehow, as if the force of all those blows had knocked something out of place in her head, she watched as everything moved in slow-motion. With ease, she batted them aside with her stolen kunai.

Clicking his tongue, Koji followed up his assault with two more shuriken, and the kunai in his other hand.

This time, Kagami was on the offensive. She lunged towards the incoming projectiles, batting one shuriken to the left, another to the right, before throwing her own kunai at the incoming knife. In mid air, the two blades collided with one another.

Koji couldn’t believe it. How could a mere kid, nearly half his height be doing this. He reached back for another blade, but she was already on top of him.

Kagami launched into a flying kick, planting her foot into the boy’s chest, riding him as he skid across the dirt. She looked down at him, and watched as his face twisted in fear.

Their eyes locked. Koji couldn’t look away. His eyes were transfixed by the blood-red gaze of the Sharingan. He lay there, unable to look away, as the girl pounded his face, once, twice, countless times, until he could barely open his eyes.

After who knows how long, Kagami rose to her feet and blinked. The hot sensation she had felt in her eyes had vanished, almost as quickly as it had began. And without making a sound, she collapsed next to the her victim, giving into the darkness that washed over her.

Hours later, the two Uchiha children awoke, in their beds, alive but not unscathed. It was still a month after the incident before the young Uchiha girl could use her sharingan at will, and even though she claimed the incident was purely out of self defence, Kagami couldn’t deny that something deep down inside her, enjoyed it.


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PostSubject: Re: Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback   Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback Icon_minitimeMon Jan 25, 2016 11:47 pm

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Birth of the Red Comet - 1st Tomoe flashback
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